An exhibition across London in 14 iconic destinations. A pilgrimage for art lovers. Experience the Passion. Lent 2016.

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An exhibition across London in 14 iconic destinations.  

A pilgrimage for art lovers.

Experience the Passion.  Lent 2016.

10 February (Ash Wednesday) - 28 March (Easter Monday)



New Stations for a ‘New Jerusalem’ 


On the day he died, Jesus walked the Via Dolorosa  through the streets of Jerusalem; a journey commemorated by the Stations of the Cross.  Across the chasm of two thousand years, this tortured path resonates with current events, especially the hazardous journeys of refugees. 


This unique exhibition held in 14 stations across London uses works of art to tell the story of the Passion in a new way, for people of diverse beliefs and backgrounds.  In a pilgrimage for art lovers of all faiths and none, viewers will travel across London, mapping the sacred geography of the Holy Land onto the streets of a ‘New Jerusalem’.


The Stations will weave through cathedrals and churches of various denominations, as well  as secular spaces including museums and public squares.   Art will range from Old Master paintings to contemporary installations.  Artists will include Christians, Jews, Muslims, and atheists.  Instead of easy answers, the Stations will provoke the passions:  artistically, spiritually, and politically.


From Renaissance Painting to Contemporary Video Art

Old and Modern Masters :  Jacopo Bassano, Eric Gill, Jacob Epstein, Jean Cocteau


Contemporary Artists : Bill Viola, Terry Duffy, Roland Biermann, Michael Takeo Magruder, Güler Ates,James Balmforth, Leni Dothan, Guy Reid, Hannah Habibi


Secular and Sacred Locations

King’s College London, Parliament Square, Methodist Central Hall, Westminster Cathedral, Wallace Collection, Cavendish Square, National Gallery, Notre Dame de France, The Barbican and St Giles, Salvation Army HQ,St Paul’s Cathedral, Tower of London, St Stephen Walbrook, Temple Church. 


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