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We would like to build a Forum for DJs. This will be the 1st DJ community that covers all bases: DJ chat, tips & advice, and DJ Music!

by Nicholas Mansfield in Stockport, England, United Kingdom

Our vision for the forum is be a community ran DJ source, with everything a DJ needs to be successful. Where ours will be different, is not only will we have DJ chat, with tips, equipment reviews, gig news etc. It will also have premium sections (which will require a paid membership) which will contain downloadable music which will be provided by Record Pools and Record Labels inline with promotional purposes; in a word, music that needs pushing out to the masses!

Our experience in this field comes from our own Record Pool that we have been running for 10 years now. The Record Pool takes music and video provided by Record Labels, and distributes it to working DJs and Radio Stations. The forum will be doing much the same thing, but will add a community dynamic.

The "DJ Chat" section of the forum will be free to use for all DJs. Here DJs will be able to talk about sources for music and video, new equipment, technique, DJ stories, DJ funnies, and of course off topic content.

The Music and Video section will be a premium option, and would need to pay a low monthly subscription (with discounts given for 12 month extended sign ups).

This is our project. We have wanted to build this forum for a long time, and after a personal health scare of mine, I am now pushing ahead with this. Fortune favours the brave. 


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