A pop-up exhibition to provide a platform for emerging artists, starter companies, and musicians to establish their identity.

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The landscape of society is riddled with identity questions and, with the advent of social media, our crisis is in full bloom. Establishing an identity is about understanding classifications; Migrant, Female, Jewish, Surrealist, Vegan. Identity is threading these associations to fuel a sense of belonging that retains our fingerprint.

A platform to investigate our place is needed now more than ever.

STATE YOUR CASE introduces several emerging artists whose artistic identity is its infancy. Grappling bold themes with an impressive maturity each participant presents to you their case.


Figurative Art has always allowed for the exploration of the self and the other. The practice of the movement creates a hybrid of the personal and the universal; mythological creatures holding their own reality and reflecting ours back to us.

But Figurative art is, somewhat ironically, amid an identity crisis of its own. Years of being clouded in industry scepticism has blurred the parameters of its members and marginalised the narratives of their subjects. But the shadows have left us a broader understanding and with this residue comes the hope of a renewed investigation into identity.

These next generation artists show us what -if anything- Figurative Art has left to tell us about identity.


With identity in crisis, the arts largely unsupported, and an entrepreneurial generation struggling to find a platform, STATE YOUR CASE is a showcase of the creativity of budding individuals.

This 2 DAY pop up exhibition begins with a fully programmed evening, where accompanying the artworks will be several emerging artists in their own fields; Food, Drink & Music.


We welcome you to a future of continued critical engagement, questions without answers and above all a determination to State our Case.

Opening night Events      18.00 - 21.00pm 29th October

General Opening              9.00 - 20.00 pm 30th October

Artists, acts and other platforms to be announced... Check out

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