Startup Business Requiring Funds for Marketing

by in Ilkley, England, United Kingdom

Startup Business Requiring Funds for Marketing
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I’m part way through the design stage of my website, everything is going smoothly but I have no marketing funds.

by in Ilkley, England, United Kingdom

It all started when I went to university. I realised instantly that it wasn’t for me, I was miserable and bored, but I stuck with it anyway. Since then it’s been a downwards spiral, working in jobs that just don’t suit me. So I’ve planned to change that by launching my first store,

The store has great products, a sleek design despite only being halfway through the design stage, and it actually works on a dropshipping model, albeit nothing is cheap rubbish from china. I pay a sum to a European based wholesaler for branded products. The best part is, at I am going to be hosting my very own crowdfunding campaigns for my customers to use for free, as well as exciting rewards for customers and great blog posts to help them reach their goals too.

The problem being, there’s a few things that I can’t get funding for, yet I need funding for various things to make my dream come true

•  Marketing - I need a significant amount of money to fund various marketing strategies, such as paid advertisements to drive traffic to my store.

• Buy Now Pay Later - I’m in talks with various Buy Now Pay Later merchants such as klarna, which would not only allow my customers to spread the cost of their basket with no interest, but it would be a great way to drive traffic to my store

•  I’ve a few areas of web design that I would like to fund, they aren’t essential and I can still function without them, but I would really like to have a new design for the web page

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