Starting up DaisyTouch Ltd

by Richard Firth in Farsley, England, United Kingdom

Starting up DaisyTouch Ltd
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I am planning to start up a new business, DaisyTouch Ltd, to offer transcription and production of accessible media, including Braille.

by Richard Firth in Farsley, England, United Kingdom


I am a former ICT professional who is looking for a fresh start in the accessible media sector.

I am looking to start up a new business called DaisyTouch Ltd.

The objectives of my business will be to provide quick and efficient production of DAISY Talking Books, Braille media (digital and physical), large/giant print, audio, and other accessible media. My customers are anticipated to be from other business and educational sectors within the UK. Whilst there are a number of other businesses who produce Braille and other types of accessible media on request, very few businesses appear to produce DAISY Talking Books and many of them are based in the USA. I believe there is a gap in the market for a business specialising in DAISY Talking Book production in the UK.

About DaisyTouch Ltd

The main services offered by the business will be transcription and production of DAISY Talking Books, Braille (digital and physical), large/giant print, and audio documents from print documents or another source provided by the customer.

A DAISY Talking Book differs from a standard audio book in that it may contain both audio and print information and can be accessed like a regular print book, unlike an audio book. DAISY Talking Books are played back using specialist DAISY players. They are generally used by print disabled people to access literature and other material. 

The majority of existing businesses that produce Braille do not produce DAISY Talking Books. This probably accounts for the limited availability and title selection of DAISY Talking Books in the UK, compared to other countries such as the USA and Canada.

Braille media is an alternative to print and is used by readers of Braille, the vast majority of who are visually impaired. Braille is read by touch. Most Braille literature is still read from paper copies although Braille e-readers are beginning to enter the marketplace. Whilst Braille literacy is falling,with an estimated 180,000 Braille users in the UK, it is hoped that the availability of Braille e-readers may reverse the decline.

Large/giant print is used by people who may be unable to read regular size print but still retain enough vision to be able to read larger size print than what is commonly used in books and other documents.

Audio dictation of documents is used by people who can't access print or Braille documents.

Goals and needs

Within the first 12 months I expect to be able to establish the business as a reasonably priced competitor in the Braille, large/giant print, and audio document production sector. However my main priority would be DAISY Talking Book production.

My target market is businesses requiring accessible media alternatives to print for their customers. I anticipate that other businesses and organisations will make up most if not all of my business, particularly for the DAISY Talking Book production. I expect the bulk of my customers to be based in the UK although there is the potential for international customers.

I expect to be running the business by myself for at least the first year of trading.

Unfortunately I am starting this business with extremely limited funds at my disposal. I have estimated that I will need at least £5,000 to start up. Approximately £2,500 of this would cover the cost of a Braille embosser and Duxbury transcription software. The rest would cover other ICT hardware and software, as well as secured rental office premises.

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