Starting Saffron Recruitment. A start up business

by Ross Owen in Beaconsfield, England, United Kingdom

Starting Saffron Recruitment. A start up business
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To get this business off the ground I need investment to improve the website, pay for marketing costs and improve infrastructure

by Ross Owen in Beaconsfield, England, United Kingdom

I've worked in recruitment for 20 years and over the last 5 I have noticed the industry is really missing a great deal of quality. There seems to be very little personal involvement and for small to medium businesses this is really hurting them. The quality of recruiters is plummeting in a time when technology should be helping. 

I have the experience and the personal qualities to make this work, I just need a little help getting it off the ground. I am totally committed to this venture and want to provide the very best for my family. I will work for however long it takes to get this business going. 

The vision is to launch a recruitment company called Saffron Recruitment (the strap line is "the quality ingredient") because that's what we I am going to focus on, quality. All too often these days big companies use algorithms that just screen candidates out without them even knowing. I've been on the end of this and it's impersonal at best. 

My vision, with the aid of some investment is to launch a business that seeks the quality ingredient for its clients, looks after the candidates and presents them in an honest and professional manner. The money will be used to improve the website to start with, pay for marketing costs, help build up a network of clients and candidates alike that feel the difference in a personal, one to one, quality service. 

Whatever you can donate will be hugely appreciated  

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