Plantbased Deli & Cafe with a Scandinavian twist!

by Rickard Daun in London, England, United Kingdom

Plantbased Deli & Cafe with a Scandinavian twist!


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Plant Based cooking videos with background music from friend. To promote my food business and support friends music with an online channel.

by Rickard Daun in London, England, United Kingdom

I started this business in 2018 when moving to Catford, South East London. I first took part in the newly started local market and quickly built up a fan base. Providing them with homemade Hummus, Plant Based Mayo and Scandi inspired sandwiches. Started a monthly Supper Club at the newly opened Bottle Bar & Shop in Catford. But my idea was always to have a permanent location where I could serve my hot dishes and I found the place when the new cinema Catford Mews opened up in September 2019. The first cinema in the borough for over 20 years. In a converted Poundland, local food traders offered daily dishes and cinema friendly food and drinks.

With Covid-19 they closed the doors on the 20th of March and I knew I had to take another direction and started to offer regulars and new customers food delivered to their door. I gained a lot of new customers and business was thriving. 

But as months passed more competition entered when lockdown eased I have found new ways to take the business forward. Delivery from Deliveroo and Just Eat and still steady followers for home delivery. But even if things will go back to "normal" I think more people will be interested to order and follow local and independent businesses online. 

I would like to target that market by offer an easier way to order my food from a new homepage, with a shop for my Deli items, ordered with a click, paid and waiting to be delivered. I would also like to start a video channel online, as I found most food videos annoying with talk I mostly watch the ones where you mainly see the food being cooked and text of the ingredients and how to do cook the dish. But again i found it annoying to watch with sound as most music isn´t any good. As most can´t use released music for copyright reasons I could use my connection and huge network of friends who make music or release music. 

A way to both promote my food business and promote musicians and small labels to get there music out to a new audience.

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