Starting my new life,gonna be homeless soon anyway

by Jack. in York, England, United Kingdom

Starting my new life,gonna be homeless soon anyway


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To get me away from my alcoholic, emotionally abusive mother so I can start my life.

by Jack. in York, England, United Kingdom

  • I won't bog everyone down with the details of my sob story of a life because it's highly doubtful this will even work or anyone will believe me, but I need money to leave the country, long story short, I'm 17,my mother is an abusive alcoholic and has recently been threatening to kick me out (I know most people will think I'm exaggerating the situation or I deserve it somehow, but I don't). My calculations for the flight, passport and accommodation for the first couple of months is around £1000. If I don't get the money, that's fine, I'll find another way to go I just thought I'd try here. I need a fresh start in life and I don't have the couple of months it'd take to work for the money (legally). Any money would be greatly appreciated, but I understand why many people won't want to help a stranger. Thank you for your time anyway and even if I get no donations, I hope you all have a nice day. 

Let's make 'Starting my new life,gonna be homeless soon anyway' happen