Starter business for a successful future.

Starter business for a successful future.

Scorpio Domestic Appliance Repairs

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Tired of paying high call out charges?

Big company's charging what they can, because they can!

Well I'm here to make a difference, I look to half the national average call out charge, repairing essential home appliances without the feeling of being robbed, which makes it affordable to everyday people. I believe there are too many family's getting themselves into debt by simply trying to survive.

Why this business will be a success:

I believe this business will be a success due to determination and work rate of myself, the very large gap in the current market for this type of business, every household have an estimated 5 appliances, with over 25 million UK households and not everyone being able to afford the expense of just buying new appliances and opt to get them fixed for a more affordable price, successful advertising and help with funds from you guys will make this business thrive.

About myself:

I am a hardworking and driven individual. I believe anything can be successful if you put enough effort into it. I dream of owning my own business and already have it precisely planned out. I'm still only young at 20 years old but please don't let that deter you, I'm determined to make this work for a better future. I try hard in everything I participate in and people can rely on my work rate, I'm very competitive and cannot wait to take on this new challenge.

What to expect in the years to come:

I'm planning on growing the business by one new field engineer every month in the first year, although I predict in the second year year we'll be looking to grow by 10 field engineers a month. With predictions of each engineer generating £18,000 a month before tax and expenses, I believe in the 3rd year the business will be a multi million pound business. By the 10th business year I look to be employing over 2,000 employees in the UK.

  • Rewards:
  • Highest backer rewarded with 50% of annual profit's plus first refusal of potential shares and free services for 12 years.
  • Pledge £100+ 50% discount for 5 year's.
  • Pledge £50 25% discount for 3 years.
  • Everyone will receive a thank you letter.

* The time scale starts once an engineer is designated into your area.

Due to the way i plan to expand my business, I aim for this business to be Nationwide within 4 years!

The plans in place, but now I need help with the funds.

I believe my business is for the greater good and I thank you for your support!

Any questions? please feel free to email me: