Start up property investment company - We need you

by Lion Investments in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Start up property investment company - We need you


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To start up my property business

by Lion Investments in Leicester, England, United Kingdom

Hi, my name is Demi Hogan and I am the founder CEO of Lion Investments Leicester Ltd.

We are a property investment company and we aim to work in tandem with investors & property owners to deliver profitable returns for both parties.

Figures from the Bank of England show that the average ISA rate has fallen to an all-time low of 1.02% this is down 27% compared to last year.

Research shows that Great Britain is the most heavily populated country in Europe and we all need a place to call home. Here is where we can help…. It is a well-known fact, no other investment vehicle offers the same benefits as investing in property when it comes to building a solid base for personal wealth.

We offer tailored packages for investors and property owners to help get their money working for them in a safe and stable asset backed market.

Our company aims to deliver great investment opportunities and to maximize ROI. It’s our passion to help you get the most from your money, our portfolio builder for investors can cater for anyone looking to invest in anything from 1 to 100 properties.

Our starting strategy is a rent-to-rent arrangement this is a quick and simple route to passive income for property investors. We will then rent out the property to usually 4 or more separate tenants while paying the property’s single let rent or net income after bills, enabling us to profit from the difference.

The property market is huge and with a disorderly no deal Brexit scenario likely leading to a fall in property prices. This demonstrates why this is the best time to invest. The bank of England suggests property prices are predicted to dip 15% to 20%, with the combination of this and the ISA rates falling to 1.02%, rising population together with the UK housing crisis. Money in the bank is a depreciating value money in the property is an investment.

Not too long ago I was asked what would I say in response to someone that asks “what stops me becoming your competitor and from stealing this strategy from you? My response is that as a business we encourage it, competitors don’t have to be competitive, we find in life that partnering with likeminded people it creates favourable benefits for both sides. What sets us apart is our attitude. Here at Lion Investments we believe the glass is only half empty if you choose to see it that way, we do not see the glass half full nor do we see it half empty, to us the glass is refillable. This is significant and that is what makes our business unique.

We are looking for investors to come on board.

Your investment will be used for; premises, marketing, staff, legal/ solicitors fees, accounting, website, vital training & equipment.

It will also be used to fund setting up several R2R deals and to refurb properties to create a passive income for the business. We will then be able to start looking at development opportunities.

Let's make 'Start up property investment company - We need you' happen