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We are a new charity and is looking to raise funds to get the charity up and running. To start helping people with poor mental health.

by Mind Your Yoga Foundation in Bristol, England, United Kingdom


My name is Carla and I am the founder of Mind Your Yoga Foundation.

Mind Your Yoga is a new charity providing yoga and mindfulness programmes for children, teens and adults who are suffering from poor mental health, e.g. depression and anxiety.

I decided to start the charity after suffering from depression for a number of years. Through the practice of yoga and mindfulness, I learnt the benefits of having a positive mindset.  Yoga taught me to observe all sensations and feelings; both negative and positive with an open and inquisitive mind.  The lessons I learnt on the mat, helped myself when I came off the mat.  I have learnt that all experiences will pass.

This has been a huge benefit during this very unpredictable time.  COVID entered 2020 and completely turned our lives upside down.  It has been proven that the number of people suffering from poor mental health has increased, with a spike in suicide.   Yoga and mindfulness is not a cure but are tools to help with the constant negative dialogue which can take place in our heads..

Mind Your Yoga will build a six week yoga and mindfulness programme.  Each week the client will attend an hour class.  This will be on a one to one basis, ensuring the client receives the teachers full attention and the client do not have to worry about other participants. Mind Your Yoga would like to collaborate with other charities to bring yoga and mindfulness to their service users, e.g. women struggling with post natal depression and reformed addicts.

Your money will pay the yoga teachers to teach said programmes. It will also help to pay for the studios and public spaces required. All safeguarding measures have been undertaken and I am proud to say two out of the three trustees on our board; are qualified and active social workers. 

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