33watts Marketing

33watts Marketing

The aim of the project is to secure funding to enable me to: (1) Buy essential equipment (2) Sub-Contract help for sales fulfilment

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

To whom it may concern, 

I would like to establish a marketing agency & distribution company that focuses on the East-London area. The project focuses on two areas of devlopment:

(1) Marketing Material Distribution - I am already activley marketing the service with a specific focus of my local arewa where i plan on creating lasting relationships with clients and eventually upsell furtehr products/ services. Our minimum wage is set at £10 & i would hope to hire local unemployed, those who need a job where there is no pressure & earning a decent wage  for several reasons; considering the nature of the work is mainly delivering leaflets door to door this is a perfect job for a local resident's who know the businesses and people  we represent & we do all the training! 

(2) Social Media Mangement - This is premium service that has suprisingly had interest with a basic gumtree advert. I have rercently had several businesses wntiung toi discusss this in person & just last night was asked by an individual to manage a pintrest account & freelance photography. The nature of the work enables a tailored price and it is operatable through a laptop (shop/ studio rent in my area is just £800 per month).