start up funds 4 off grid life & fishing business

by sallybracken83 in Basingstoke

start up funds 4 off grid life & fishing business

fund deposit to buy & run a fishery & provide a place for local small businesses to sell their goods or provide their services eco friendly

by sallybracken83 in Basingstoke

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

. Raise Save for deposit and legal fees

. Complete my online course in horticulture and also do a bookkeeping course 

. Start searching for a suitable property

. Once a property is found arrange the mortgage

. Set up a website and social media pages facebook, twitter, instagram etc

. Arrange a fishery consultant to advise us on everything we need to know to get the lake ready to be fished, the time this takes will be dependent on the condition of the lake and fish stocks

. Open the lake to day ticket and night ticket fishing prices will be finalised once we have a location

. Prepare the areas and build fishing huts that we can offer fishing breaks, 

. Prepare an area to accommodate an orchard in a wildflower meadow 

. Construct our unique accommodation to offer romantic breaks for couples

This is the initial plan to get us up and running once business is going well enough all the other ideas can come in time. although during the initial stages i will be establishing the vegetable garden and installing things like water butts sorting out somewhere to create our own compost. Please continue reading to learn a little more about us and our plans for the future which we will be focussing on Health, Wellbeing, Creativity, Relaxation, Self Care..........

Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read the following, we all have dreams most of which are just that dreams. What is our dream well it all started with hubby’s dream of owning his own fishing lake offering day and night fishing tickets, fishing breaks in wooden huts that hubby would build from scratch as he is a very experienced carpenter. These huts will be solar powered, a log burner for those chilly nights.  He also intends on offering fishing lessons  once the lake is established, Hubby has been fishing from a very young age and would love to give children the opportunity to learn a new skill.  We would also like to hold Father and Son days or should I say parent and child. This would give adults a chance to spend quality time with young ones have fun learning a new skill switch off from the outside world for a bit, a total digital detox time that you can relax unwind and just be. In the future we would like to host charity fishing matches with the proceeds going to local charities, would aim to do this a couple of times a year.

Hubby’s dream has turned into my dream and in turn our children’s who are 10, 7, 5 & 2 yrs old, we have been discussing the possibility of a new life with them. I honestly didn’t expect them to be so enthusiastic but to our surprise they have been brilliant and have even come up with some ideas of their own, some a little crazy and really unattainable but still we love their enthusiasm and imagination. I intend to become self-sufficient, eco-friendly, off grid and thought how fantastic would it be to combine these dreams of ours. We would love to life a where we are together working as a team....... TEAM BRACKEN !!!! we will create our own energy using solar power etc, growing our own food learning together all about horticulture, maybe keeping animals such as chickens and ducks to start with as caring for animals is new to us although we do have a doggie a beagle called Zeus who would be joining us in our new life, might even get him some doggie friends we have already had requests from the children for a pug and a golden retriever so on our land we would love to have secured area for local dog walkers. Maybe  this could be a possible venue for local dog trainers to offer training and agility classes.

 Our intention to homeschool/unschool my children teach them how to be self-sufficient learn life skills that they will not learn in school, spend quality time together creating wonderful memories and learning new things together. As they get older I would like to encourage them to do pursue college university spread their wings and offer them the opportunity to get involved in more of the business side of things, in the aim of one day it will be theirs to hopefully carry on living our dream if that is what they want.

Obviously as well as wanting the kind of life described we are going to have to consider other ways of earning an income One of our first projects will be to create an orchard set in a wildflower meadow (helping the bees, butterflies and all other creepy crawlies) through the meadow will  be winding paths to a secluded place to stay in a unique retreat a renovated vintage caravan, a hobbit hut, tree house, shipping container etc. Again these would be solar powered and have a log burner to keep you warm and maybe even warm a private hot tub, offering couples a very unique romantic getaway where they can just hide from the world, we all need that sometimes. 

We would be looking for a property with outbuildings that could be converted into premises to let out to local businesses I’m thinking handmade crafts, baking, local produce, artists, holistic therapies, massage therapists maybe even a space for fitness classes run by other local small business owner’s yoga, Pilates, Zumba, boot camps etc. once we are in the position to do so I would like to arrange specific weekends for those who suffer with mental health issues and maybe arrange events to raise money for mental health charities, an issue that affect many including myself i have been living with anxiety and depression since i was a child, i really do understand the struggles how difficult it can be to get through each day  I would love to help others in some way even if i can ensure that one person has a good day that has to be a bonus. 

So what do we require, we are asking for your help to raise the deposit required to purchase a property help us make the first step in achieving our dream. If it be £1 or £10 every penny will be hugely appreciated.  Hopefully with your help and  us sticking to a tight budget we will be able to achieve our dream in the near future.       

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this keep your eyes peeled for updates on our progress, Any questions, please feel free to ask .

Kind regards


If we secure enough, then that  will  be amazing! If not, pledges will be refunded with a big thanks to all those have helped us try .


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£20 or more

£20 Reward

Pledge £20 or more and automatically be entered into a prize draw to win a year's free fishing on our lake or lakes. although we do not have a location yet we are looking to buy a property in England or wales. Please be aware that the draw will only take place if our crowdfunder project is successful. Your prize will be valid from the day that the lake is open for business and will last for one year from that date.

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