by Anna Mairi-Jean Backhouse in Catterick, England, United Kingdom

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The global COVID-19 pandemic has created a very uncertain time for the world today. My project aims to fill society with colour and magic.

by Anna Mairi-Jean Backhouse in Catterick, England, United Kingdom

My name is Anna Mairi-Jean. I am an ambitious entrepreneur and visionary with dreams so big; they'll make your head spin! I don't believe in the idea that a dream is 'too big' or 'unrealistic'. I strongly believe that anything is possible, absolutely anything. 

My aim is to bring magic back into society; to inspire the world to go after their dreams and create opportunities for people across the globe. I am going to fill it with so much life, love and vibrancy that people will finally look up from their phones! I wish for people to see what is right in front of them, the blinding beauty the Earth has to offer us, as well as the fascinating complexity of the human nature! 

Only 29% of the globe consists of continents and islands. We as humans are small pieces to a much larger puzzle that is yet to be explored! The World has become a bleak place full of pessimism and hatred, especially after the outbreak of the global pandemic of COVID-19. It truly showed us how fragile the current foundations of society is. The World is in low-morale. Those in power treat the world as though they are cattle. I believe we should always aim to learn from others, not dominate them. True leadership do not tell people what to do, they lead by example. 

True powerful Leaders inspire, they do not dictate.

My Vision is to have a hand in every industry and dominate every aspect of society, in order to provide the world with a service of excellence. To create products that are to the highest quality at reasonable and fair prices. To bring light to causes that need to be seen and heard. Throughout the Earths overall lifespan, a shocking figure of 5 billion species of animals have become extinct. To put this figure into perspective, this is 99% of all animal species! This is just one cause I aim to shed light upon. I wish to give a voice to those who need to be heard!

However, I do not wish to fight with those in power. I simply would ignore them. As James the 6th of Scotland and James 1st of England once said, I believe we should fight with a pen, not a sword. I believe knowledge is power. I wish to spread only positivity and motivation into the world. To lift the spirits of the globe. To provide the World with hope. I truly believe it is the small acts of kindness of everyday people, that fight the darkness. 

By providing a consistent service of excellence and creating high-quality beautiful products to the world we can inspire the globe into believing there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I genuinely wish to spread positivity and provide a philosophy that is of the highest good of the people of this World. 

I am going to make the 7.8 billion humans of the globe who feel powerless,  feel powerful again. I am going to carry this world to freedom and success, anyone who feels the same way I do, hop on board!

Anna Mairi-Jean 


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