Start again (new life)

by Daniel Gamboa in London, England, United Kingdom

Start again (new life)
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I want find a place where i can live like a normal person.

by Daniel Gamboa in London, England, United Kingdom

(my english is not very good)

Righ now im in the middle of a strange and absurd situation.  Iwill do my best to explain myself. 

Imagine that everywhere you go a group of people fallow you whitoutsexplain you the reasons. 

That inlude the place where you live, the place of work or the supermarket of your preference.

Some of them even send you messages while they pretend to talk on the phone or whit somebody. 

This messages include dead treats, personal information, love messages, sexual messages.

One girl from this group even rape me while iwas sleeping. Another one try to hit me whit his car. She even invite me to go out while i was working. She say one time this is happening to me becouse i dident go out whit her. 

This people cause me alot of strees, i try to leave them behind. I move out from London but that dident work out. 

I cant go to the police becouse i dont have proof. My family make me go to the GP. 

Unfortunately i cant say they help me. They say i create all this situation using my imagination. They look like the lawyers of that people . I ask them what base they have to get that conclusion ? They say they see many people saying  the same.

I been in this situation more than one year .  People treat me that if i leave the countrey i will be dead or i will go to jail. One the girl say his brother work in the police.

To be honest im really tired. This people put my life in a psychological box. I dont have nobody to ask for help so  thats why im here.

Some of them try to help me sometimes.

One say "Sorry Daniel we get pay to fallow you"  "if you go to the coast you will be save from her"

I want leave this countrey to see if is possible start from 0

I know this sound like a bad movie but is true. This people someway manage to kidnap my life. I assume they are professional because they do this 24 7 they get pay to do that.

My family for some reason they dont belive me or they cant  help me.

If somebody can help me that will be amizing.  I realley need help to leave this countrey.

They have a clear intention of keep me in this countrey even if treats or a imaginary love is necessary.

I realley dont have idea why. I dont even speak english very well.

I dont know what else to say Please help me 

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