Star Student Funds for Cancer Research UK

We want to encourage you to give hope to the lives of many suffering from Cancer by helping us raise money for Cancer Research UK

We did it!

On 30th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £178 with 9 supporters in 28 days

Our project is about raising money for Cancer Research UK through The reason we want to help Cancer Research UK is because Cancer is one of the most terrible diseases which has taken millions of lives so far. Every single one of us have faced a devastating time at some point of our lives when we have lost a loved one to Cancer or known someone who has.

It is our aim to raise as much as we can, 50% of the raised fund will be going directly into research for Cancer prevention and the remaining 50% will go into research for a cure.

Supporters who kindly donate with a very generous amount will be given a surprise reward which may vary according to the pledge amount.


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Team Profiles

Ninthusha Satkunalingam 

I am a 21-year-old Second-year student studying Business management in University of Westminster. I have always been interested in business, it plays a large part in everyday life at home as my father had his own business and has always been my main source of inspiration. I am very interested as to how business works and am keen to update my knowledge and learn more about the business environment.


      Asha Amanatullah

I have always been very passionate about helping people. I find it impossible to accept that millions of people suffer from homelessness, abuse and starvation every day when the world’s richest people are able to end this crisis. My aim is to have a successful business which will ultimately help me fund and run a charity which will be focused on getting people back on track. I am currently studying at university for a Marketing degree and working at Boots as a part time beauty and fragrance consultant which I absolutely love and enjoy because I love helping other people find the right skincare products for them as for some people it can be a huge deal and affect their self-esteem and confidence.


Olger Bamllari

I am currently a student in University of Westminster studying Business Management. I am a high-energy self-starter and driven individual who demonstrates great passion and enthusiasm for development.Willing to go the extra mile, and excels in dynamic and competitive environment whilst working alongside colleagues. Rises up to new challenges and opportunities to demonstrate excellent problem-solving and interpersonal skills.


Ijaaz Sharif

I am Accounting and Finance student studying in my second year at Westminster Business School University. What lead me to this course was my passion for working with numbers as well as using IT to implement this information. I am 21 and I play for a local football team called Tooting Mitcham. I have two younger siblings and live in south London.

  Abdulla al-thani

My name is Abdulla and I come from Doha, Qatar. I am studying at Westminster University - BA Business Management.  I have a strong interest in international business. I chose my degree as I felt it would provide a good foundation to a future career in business. Particularly I chose to take the Entrepreneurial Leadership module as I am interested in developing my own business enterprises in the future.


Tom Hollard

Currently, I am enrolled at the University of Westminster studying Marketing Management. I initially chose the module ‘Developing Practical Entrepreneurial Ideas’ as I was keen to understand the way in which individuals can positively enhance the world around us by actively pursuing ideas.

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