Stardust - My Story - Life, Love & Hope With An ED

Stardust - My Story - Life, Love & Hope With An ED

To professionally edit and publish my story to help raise awareness of life with a mental illness and give hope to those who are suffering.

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Stardust is a true story about my life with and recovery from an eating disorder and depression. At the age of 21 I was given months to live and hospitalised. This is where the story begins...

An Excerpt:


The beginning…

November had arrived and with it the typical English cold had set itself everywhere. I was sat outside in the smoking area, the chill on my hands tortured yet soothed me, it seemed like the only freedom I was allowed. Freedom isn’t a word that I would associate with The Abbey, you give that away with all your sharps and pills when you walk in the door. There’s no privacy or sense of personal space, you’re encouraged to open your mind, bare your soul just so that when you finally venture back into the real world you can leave your shit at the door and get on with your life. That’s the idea anyway. As I sat there contemplating the past 24 hours since my admission I found it hard not to be overwhelmed by just how fucked up my life had become; I’d lost nearly everything, including my life, and all for what? For some god awful eating disorder that had its claws burrowed into me and refused to let go. The burning sensation on my fingers told me that I’d smoked down to the end again, I whispered a quick expletive and glanced up at the door where one of the nurses beady eyes were set on me behind the glass. That’s another thing I cursed, I couldn’t even have the solitude of a cigarette break to myself. I hastily got up and headed for the door, deciding against lighting another. It was only the end of my first day after all, I didn’t want to step on any toes, not yet anyway. The door opened before I got there and out of it came an unexpected surprise; tall, dark haired, arms I immediately imagined myself wrapped in and such beautiful eyes. Slightly flustered I attempted my first smile in what felt like forever and managed a feeble “hi” he turned and smiled, his eyes taking me in. “What’s your name” I said with slightly more flirty confidence that I meant to. “Marc” he said in a wonderful welsh accent and then gave me a questioning look, “I’m Emily, it’s nice to meet you” I turned and quickly walked through the door where the nurse was waiting for me. As I walked down the corridor I felt a surge of excitement that I couldn’t understand, his smile seemed to have warmed my whole body and my heart was racing. I didn’t know it then, but this was the beginning of the rest of my life.

You can read the first few chapters here: