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A romantic 50s B-movie about two young lovers who race against all odds to escape up into SPACE so that they can live together forever!

by Reuben Block in Bournemouth, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

If we should be so lucky as to raise even more money, we will stick to our pie-chart plan, with most of the money going towards production design.

We might possibly even give our crew food AND water...


Starcrossed tells the story of Anthony and Esther, two young lovers in a race against oppressive parents, government agents and time itself! They must steal a spaceship in order to escape to the stars, where they can be together forever!



Reuben Block - The Director

Reuben isn’t very good at writing bios, that’s probably why he has no luck on Tinder. What he is good at though is understanding story and has years of short-film experience; telling emotional stories with ambitious set-pieces. This will be his largest project to date and can’t wait to take on the challenge with his amazing crew.


Jack Greenwood - The Producer

Jack is to producing what Michael Jordan is to basketball… only better! He’s a massive fan of the script and can’t wait to make the whole thing happen. If this doesn’t work out, maybe he’ll try basketball. Michael Jordan won’t know what hit him.


Harry Tomlin - The Director of Photography

Sadly Harry is not the pretentious, turtle neck covered, glasses wearing film guy that the picture suggests. He has a passion for all areas of film, setting up his own local production company 'Subtle Cut Media'. He is so excited to be working as Cinematographer on this ambitious project and can't wait to bring the space romance to life.


Harry Oxborrow - The 1st Assistant Director

Harry has worked as a writer & director on many productions and is always excited to start a new project. He will work with the team throughout and ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish.


Heidi Sholl - The Production Designer

Heidi is a 20-year-old film student who is quite fond of anything fantasy or Sci-fi. She thinks that’s why Reuben asked her to build a rocket ship, or it might be because she has a tool kit…


Dan Harden - The Sound Mixer

I like to think I’m a pretty sound guy. I’m hip, cool and sometimes I get dubbed in films.


Bryn Andrews Davis - The Editor

After editing down Bryn's ridiculously long bio, this is what he had to say: Hi I'm Bryn, editing is my passion.


Emily Roberts - The Editing Assistant

Emily is the assistant editor on this project- she's super excited to be working on this film and loves the concept. Emily has been editing her own projects as well as for different clients for a while now, and is looking forward to working on such an ambitious piece.


Joe Smith - The 1st Assistant Camera

Joe is in his first year of Film at Bournemouth Uni. He loves taking part in loads of projects and is especially looking forward to this one.

Cameron Dupuy - Gaffer

Cameron is a Film student at Bournemouth University. He has worked on several short films in various production roles, including directing. For Starcrossed, Cameron is the bringer of light.


Any money raised -- be that £10 or £10,000 -- will be distributed across the production like this. Since our film is heavily dependant on production design, we'll be putting most of our funds towards that. I mean, we do have a frickin' spaceship to build!

We will be cutting costs where possible, and all film equipment is borrowed from Bournemouth University for free.

Our crowdfunding video was made in one day with a budget of £0, so imagine what we could do with £950 and a whole week! 


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more


A personal email and your name in the credits of the film.

£12 or more


A digital copy of the script and poster. As well as all previous rewards.

£17 or more


Access to an early digital copy of the film. As well as all previous rewards.

£25 or more


Bi-weekly video updates on production. As well as all previous rewards.

£30 or more

Red Dwarf

A digital copy of the soundtrack. As well as all previous rewards.

£50 or more


An executive producer credit. As well as all previous rewards.

£75 or more


A physical copy of the script. As well as all previous rewards.

£100 or more


A model replica of the rocket ship. As well as all previous rewards.

£175 or more


A physical copy of the poster. As well as all previous rewards.

£250 or more

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A short song written about you. As well as all previous rewards.

£500 or more

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A vinyl copy of the soundtrack. As well as all previous rewards.

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