Star Catcher - A Point and Click Game

by alicebowman in London

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Star Catcher is a point and click exploration game with a fairy-tale feel set in a beautiful, Victorian-style fantasy world.

by alicebowman in London

The Game

Star Catcher is a point and click exploration game with a fairy-tale feel set in a beautiful, Victorian-style fantasy world.

You have spent your entire life so far growing up at the People’s Planetarium in Capital City. The world you know is filled with technological wonders all made possible with the potent energy of starlight which powers these modern machines.

You have a very special and important job of Star Catcher. Like all of the other children who live with you in the Planetarium, you were raised and provided for by the Planetarium's officials and in exchange for this happy and comfortable childhood you work for the city as a Star Catcher. Most Star Catchers are young children like you, chosen specifically for this job because starlight is naturally attracted to the happiness and innocence of childhood. However, you dream of seeing more than just the inside of the Planetarium and hope to explore the city and know it’s secrets, and the stars whisper stories to you of faraway places and distant adventures.


About Us

We are Alice Bowman, Mark Bowen and Aina Fiol, a group of game design students and aspiring game designers. Together we're collaborating on Star Catcher under the group name Angry Rock Games, and hope to release future games together under the same name.

What is your idea? 

You play as Eleana, an 8 year old Star Catcher who has lived in the Planetarium for as long as she can remember. Using Eleana you can explore the world of Star Catcher, discovering the secrets of the Planetarium and unwrapping the cities mysteries. Eleana interacts with the world through the game's point and click mechanic, picking up and examining items of interest, moving between rooms and areas and exploring the world.

We plan to make the game using game creating software Stencyl which we have used to make games before, and to eventually publish the finished game on Kongregate and our own Angry Rock Games website where it will be free to play.

Why are you Crowdfunding?

Our ambition is to use the funding from this project to hire an artist. The visual apsect of the game is really important to the experience we want Star Catcher to give players, we want to achieve a fairy-tale quality with rich, colourful artwork helping to tell the story. The concept art we have created so far was made by Aina and is only the first stage of developing our concept, we hope to find an artist with a similar style who can develop these designs and bring the world of Star Catcher to life.






What is a Star Catcher?

A Star Catcher is a child trained to harvest starlight, which is then kept to use as an energy source for the city. Star Catchers are necessary as technology is designed to run on the potent energy source of starlight. Most Star Catchers are young children as the starlight is more attracted to the innocence of childhood, so the city's Planetarium takes in young orphaned children and trains them as Star Catchers.

Why should I back a free game?

We want to make Star Catcher free and available to anyone who wants to play it, but only with the support of backers will we be able to make it as beautiful and high-quality as we want it to be. We want this to be a game with gorgeous, rich art work and music, and to be able to deliver it to this standard we need your help. 

How does the gameplay work?

Star Catcher is primarily a point and click adventure game, the player controls Eleana can move her between rooms and scenes, exploring different parts of each room. The game will have elements of a hidden object game in that the player will need to explore and investigate each scene and solving puzzles to advance the story.


Will Star Catcher be suitable for any age?

The content of Star Catcher is intended to be suitable for all ages. Ideally we would like players of any age to be able to enjoy Star Catcher, although it is not specifically designed as a children's game.

When will Star Catcher be finished?

We would like to try and make Star Catcher available online late summer 2015, although this is a rough estimate. As we create Star Catcher we plan to share regular updates on our development progress.

Where will I be able to play Star Catcher?

When Star Catcher is complete it will be shared online, and free for anyone to play. We plan to make Star Catcher available on Kongregate, on our Angry Rock website and on our personal websites.


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Thank you for supporting Star Catching :)

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A thank you email from us, and we will email you updates about the progress and development of Star Catcher.

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£5 reward plus a set of three prints of Star Catcher concept art.

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£5 reward plus an A3 poster of Star Catcher concept art.

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Star Catcher Goody Bag! You get all the above rewards: hoodie, t-shirt and art prints, plus a poster featuring Star Catcher concept art and early access to the game weeks prior to its release on Kongregate.

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Premium Star Catcher Goody Bag! Everything in the standard goody bag, plus custom Star Catcher playing cards and a unique piece of original concept art.

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