Standing up for our rights

by Mary Cavill in Hemswell Cliff, England, United Kingdom

Standing up for our rights
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I am standing as a candidate to represent victims of the National Insurance Fund ‘Scam’ and 1950s women.

by Mary Cavill in Hemswell Cliff, England, United Kingdom

My name is Mary Cavill.

I am standing as a candidate to represent victims of the National Insurance Fund ‘Scam’ and 1950s women.

I was born in the 1950s.

I have contributed to society throughout my life.   

For over 50 years I have worked with children and young adults.

I have worked in Cat B prison teaching family & parenting skills; worked on supply in Cat B&C prisons and Young Offenders Institutions teaching functional skills and business studies. I set up and managed out of school facilities and holiday clubs. I have also worked in retail. For the last 15 years I’ve worked with apprentices from 16 – 50+ as a NVQ trainer/assessor for courses in management, business admin, customer service, teaching assistants and nursery nurses. 

I have been prompted to stand for election by the terrible injustices that people are suffering with regard to our pensions, not just the 50s women, but also the pensions of our children and grandchildren, and all women and men.

As a 1950’s baby I feel strongly that those in government subjected us to a serious injustice, but I also feel that our issues are only the tip of the iceberg. Every one of us has been and will continue to be cheated of the entitlements we have paid for if this scandal is not put right.

So… I am throwing my hat into the ring with the intention of challenging our sitting MP.

There are obviously other issues that concern me, but I want to fight for what is rightfully ours – I’ve fought bigger issues in my life and overcome them!

It’s time to challenge the status quo 

It’s time to challenge the career politicians!



That’s what we voters spend most of our lives trying to earn and manage.

Where do you think most of OUR money, as a nation, goes?

It’s the National Insurance Fund!

You AND your employer, pay part of your salary into the National insurance Fund. For most earners a whopping 24% of their pay gets paid in.

The National insurance Fund belongs to US, the people, like the rest of the money we pay in taxes. 

Just like any other sort of insurance, we pay this, to provide ourselves with protection for periods when we cannot earn money, such as pensions, illness and incapacity and to protect a standard of living appropriate for one of the world’s richest countries.

Do you KNOW whether these funds are being managed properly?

Since the 1980s, a clever little ‘sting’ was used to make it appear as though the National Insurance Fund was insufficient to pay our expected pensions and benefits. 

Over time an estimated £400 Billion more would have been available to avoid increasing the State Pension Age, which is currently 67 yrs. and rising.

A chilling report recently published by a Conservative ‘think tank’ recommended that the State Pension Age should be raised to 75 yrs. 


Even after 10 years of austerity and the ‘ magic disappearing trick’ to make the NI Fund appear empty, another £40 Billion had accumulated in 2018. £24 Billion of this was transferred out of OUR NI Fund to pay off the National Debt!

You, your parents, grandparents, your children and grandchildren will all receive even less from the National Insurance Fund, if this scandal is allowed to continue, because more people are dying before receiving their pensions and as the age of retirement increases so will that unclaimed money. 

Meanwhile MPs receive generous pensions, salaries of approx. £79,000, expenses and when we sack them, they receive two months wages and up to £22,000 severance pay. We pay for all of this, but many refuse to represent our views in parliament and some do not even reply to our letters!

They are not listening to us!

Vast amounts of our money have been wasted on failed projects and crazy schemes.

It’s time we kicked out the career politicians, who seem to know nothing about ordinary life and don’t want to do the job we are paying them to do.

Let’s pay people who live and work in our communities, to represent our views instead; someone like me, who knows what it is like to live in the Gainsborough. Someone who knows what it is like to have had to struggle to pay their bills, who has had experience of Universal Credit, who has never had the opportunity to build up a workplace pension, who knows and understands the daily grind, especially now when each day is a challenge because I HAVE to continue to work to support myself and pay my bills; someone who actually CARES about others. 

By standing for Parliament, I feel it’s my opportunity to “pay it forward” for others

Why should YOU vote for me?

I will commit to:

Demanding an end to the National Insurance Fund Scam.

This will help EVERYONE in the country, not just Gainsborough people. 

Nobody deserves to live in a society, which leaves people to rot in poverty, at any age. 

Persuading parliament to enact a Temporary Special Measure to provide Full Restitution for 50s Women 

This will compensate a cohort of women who have been exposed to discrimination disguised as equality, due to the unnecessary and chaotic implementation of a rise in their State Pension Age. It will free up jobs for young people giving them the opportunity to carve out a career for themselves and give them hope. (youth unemployment in the 16 – 24 yrs old; has risen quarterly)

Shine a light on all forms of unfairness affecting other recipients of the National Insurance Fund benefits, 

Many individuals and groups have been affected by the mismanagement of the NI Fund. Those people also deserve justice. 

Pursue a new way of managing the National Insurance Fund 

No future government should ever be able to cheat the people of their earned entitlements again. 



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