Stalked in the Darkness...My Fight for Justice

by Steve Price in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

Stalked in the Darkness...My Fight for Justice


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My name is Steve, I need your help as my life has collapsed due being stalked for nearly 2 years, and I need your help in getting justice.

by Steve Price in Coventry, England, United Kingdom

From March 2019 to September 2020 I worked for a major UK retailer. I was stalked by unknown assailants on a number of occasions (sometimes by the same person, sometimes just by a car slowly tracking me whilst I was walking home, sometimes in-store whilst working on the till).

These unknown persons knew my shift patterns in and out of work, and even my rota'd days off. None of my fellow staff were questioned by my employer, and store CCTV camera footage wasn’t utilised. Additionally, none of the incidents (serious or otherwise) were reported internally.


My employer told me that as my shifts were left printed off in the staff room the most likely answer was that another staff member was targeting me. These incidents continued and I became extremely distressed emotionally (leading to long term Generalised Anxiety Disorder and Major Depression/Sleep Deprivation that still plague me). I did not feel safe in the workplace or even at home - this became so bad that I transferred my job role from Coventry to Newquay in September 2019 in an attempt to escape this situation. However,  these serious incidents continued throughout 2020.

My employer did the exact opposite of what it should have done to protect me, and instead took a completely hands-off approach to this issue, leaving me open to further issues by continuing to leave print off's of my shifts in-store for staff to see. Who were my stalkers, and why were my shifts being given to an unknown third party? 

This was an absolute failure in my employer's duty of care. The stalking continued for many months and although I reported these incidents multiple times to Police in Coventry and Newquay, no actions were taken, and these organisations worked to discredit me by failing to act and then denying I was being stalked, despite evidence to the contrary.

Many other events occurred, including an incident (where for reasons unknown) my description was called out over a tannoy system in my local Boots store (as I was shopping). After this Newquay Police said that they could neither confirm nor deny if I was under investigation or not, but they were clearly monitoring/tracking me for reasons unknown, which is a complete failure in protecting my liberty and privacy.

UK Police, and my employers have all clearly failed in their duty of care to protect me, and as such, I feel that my only recourse is to meet these organisations in a court of law, in an attempt to discover the truth and to seek recompense for my worsening mental health that is a direct result of their long term inaction - by means of a Civil Employment Case and a full Judicial Review. 

Im currently homeless and unemployable thanks to the extremities of my circumstances - I ask you, the public, to help me now in my hour of need, where corporations and so-called representatives of law/civil authority failed me; help me seek the light of justice in the darkness of circumstances that were beyond my control - should any human-being have to go through what I have (to have their life effectively ruined and then be gaslighted and lied to by the very institutions that should have protected me)?

If you choose to give to my cause, know that you will help to save the soul of a man who no longer knows who to trust, and who wishes dearly that no one else go through such tortures, in the hope that the law is challenged and changed going forward - for this you will help lift me from my darkness, so that my full story is heard, helping me to rebuild my shattered life once more, like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

At such times where our individual freedoms are challenged daily, it is more important than ever now to speak truth to power; help me do this, and I will ensure that these institutions are challenged in a court of law for the good of us all. 

All donations will cover legal fees.

This is what I posted today, it doesn't cover everything just enough to connect and engage with the public.

Let's make 'Stalked in the Darkness...My Fight for Justice' happen

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