Staging the Nation

Staging the Nation

Help us bring two new exceptional pieces to the stage so they can become part of the ongoing Brexit debate - let's get political!!

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On 26th May 2017 we successfully raised £355 of £300 target with 19 supporters in 21 days

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We reached the initial target - THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT!
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Staging the Nation
is a research project started shortly after the EU referendum in 2016. We want to create original theatre and encourage emerging writers to play around with politics, with concepts such as ‘nation’ and ‘national identity’ and everything in between. We want to question events, decisions and their consequences. We want to address important issues in order to learn and grow as creatives and as people. We also want to make this a platform for theatre makers and goers to collaborate, get inspired and create great theatre.

It all started with us doing a rehearsed reading of Paul Thompson’s By Common Consent in August last year. And even though the play was written over 40 years ago in the year before the last EU referendum, it found its relevance again in June last year: when Britain chose to leave the European Union. The play paints a vivid image of what could happen within a country that leaves humanitarian principles behind, condemn democracy and appoint a “League of Youth” to keep peace and order, in a fictional land where capital punishment is reinforced to keep possible terrorists at bay. Paul Thompson wrote about the extremities of course, as a way to awaken the people that could so easily fall asleep thinking everything was as it should be. Paul Thomson’s play along with many other plays right now and in the years to come will be about democracy: the freedom of speech that is so important to our civilized society. History repeats itself, which is why we need to be reminded of the past and warned about the future.

After the rehearsed reading we received two very different written responses that we will present to you in the end of May at Theatre N16, and we are truly thrilled for them to become part of the ongoing Brexit debate. One of them is a sharp hard-hitting adaptation of Paul Thompson’s play written by Jessica Bailey, and the other is an exceptional new theatrical game invented by Terri Donovan – a game that puts our doubts and fears of making a choice for our future to the test.

Putting on a two-night event requires talented and hard working people (check!), but also funds to cover all the expenses. Please read further and consider supporting our project.

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All the money raised will go to cover expenses for: rehearsal space, marketing and food/travel expenses for our brilliant actors. Compared to other projects, we're raising a very small budget - please consider donating even the smallest amount you can. The closer we get to the target, the less we'll be paying out of our pockets!

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