Stageplay "Catherine the Great"

Stageplay "Catherine the Great"

Bringing different cultures by means of art together

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

As a cast and crew member of ART-Vic - the only Anglo-Russian theatre company in the UK – I aim to spread the word about our upcoming play “Katherine the Great” (in Russian with English subtitles), which will run at the Etcetera Theatre Camden from April 25 to April 30. Our previous productions this year have been so far Chekhov’s “Wife for Sale” and Bulgakov’s “Morphine” at the Etcetera Theatre Camden in January, Dostoevsky’s “The Idiot” (in English) and the double bill: Mishima’s “Mad Girl and Beckett’s “First Love” (in Russian with English subtitles) at Theatro Technis London in February/March.

The aim of our theatre company, as the only Anglo-Russian theatre company in the UK, that was founded in 1996 by Victor Sobchak, is to inject the Russian culture into the British life and to bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together. We aim to help people to learn to live together peacefully and constructively in a multicultural world and to develop a sense of community and belonging. Our casts are always international, in “Katherine the Great” we will have Ukrainian, Lithuanian, Russian and other nationalities cast members starring.

We are hoping that our show might be of interest to you as an opportunity to help building up on interculturalism by creating a cross-cultural dialogue through art.