Staffordshire at Breaking Point - Crowdfunder

by Staffordshire at Breaking Point in Stafford, England, United Kingdom

Staffordshire at Breaking Point - Crowdfunder
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Crowdfunding for a Staffordshire at Breaking Point Rally.

by Staffordshire at Breaking Point in Stafford, England, United Kingdom

On the 30th January the Conservative led Staffordshire County Council will set their budget for the next financial year. £35 million pounds worth of cuts are proposed, affecting services from School Crossing Patrols to Social Care.

Every Constituency Labour Party in Staffordshire has joined together to fight these cuts and we will be holding a rally on 26th January in Market Square Stafford to highlight and protest these measures.

We need to raise funding to ….

1) Hire the Market Square

2) Hire a stage for speakers

3) Purchase Activist Placards to ensure we have maximum visibility.

It's time that Staffordshire County Council employees and services were protected from further loss, so please do all you can to support us.

Let's make 'Staffordshire at Breaking Point - Crowdfunder' happen