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Improve accessibility and awareness for Deaf patients in a healthcare setting. How? Raising money to complete my BA BSL interpreter

by Stacey Priddle in Newport, Wales, United Kingdom

My Vision; 

To be the change in the private health sector that makes Chiropractic, counselling and all healthcare services more accessible to the deaf community through education, videos, presentations and of course through hands on care and interaction. 

One day provide compassionate, well educated interpreting services within health care settings.

The Journey;

I have completed BSL level 1 and 2.

The next step is a BA (Hons) Interpreting (BSL / English) at Wolverhampton. I will do this part time over 5 years, and it with this that I need support. The money raised will enable me to do the course and be able to campaign to raise awareness of deaf accessibility issues int he health care sector.

Giving back;

In return for any support, I am able to offer press releases in line with each individuals specification, basic sign language lessons and talks for all staff / groups. Free chiropractic assessment for Deaf or hard of hearing individuals. I am also open to suggestions :-) 

About me; 

I have been a Chiropractor for 4 years. Just over 2 years ago I took care of my first ever deaf patient. She was about my age (30) and came in with her mum as her interpreter. As the session progressed and I recommended some further chiropractic care, her mum suggested that she would have to make the appointments at a time to suit both of them so that she could come an interpret. I was taken aback by this, the experience of Chiropractic should be personal and I felt saddened that the connection I work hard to build with my patients may not be achievable. So I asked the patient and her mum for some guidance and told them I would learn.

Two years on, I am just finishing BSL level 2 and have 4 deaf patients. I have been to deaf clubs, plays and started to learn more about the deaf community. In doing so I have been inspired by an amazing group of people however have felt frustrated at stories of the lack of access to services in the private sector and tales of poor interpreting in health care settings. We are all entitled to informed care and the ability to build trust and connection, being challenged by hearing should not be a barrier to that. 

The areas of focus for me is access to medical services. Health and mental health is a particular issue, recently coming to light in the media following the sad suicide of a deaf man in Colchester who was unable to access mental health services due to a lack of interpreters. This is tragic, but the problem is systemic. The link below tells of another story of lack of quality care.

I have the bit between my teeth and am passionate and determined to learn sign, promote change and increase accessibility. Join me on the journey :-) 

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