St. Peter's Pilgrimages 2021 and beyond

by Mo H. Lynn in Richmond, England, United Kingdom


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Dear friends, Your support will sustain our business and help us continue the good work of St. Peter's Pilgrimages. With blessings, M Lynn

by Mo H. Lynn in Richmond, England, United Kingdom

I write to you with my heavy heart that we are now in need of further assistance. Your contribution will guarantee the continuation of our business in the long term.

Up until 2019, our community has been growing by word of mouth. Thanks to our parish priests and their congregation, our group leaders and their community, our Journey of Faith has been absolutely rewarding.

In this Covid pandemic, we were the first to get hit and will be the last to recover. During the first lockdown, the Government grant was useful for the short-term. However we do have continuing obligations to meet for months. We did everything we could to meet all our obligations and managed to stay afloat for the past 11 months.

If we were able to resume our business in the early autumn 2020, we would not have been in need of a financial help. Due to the recent lockdown across Europe and in the UK, the earliest we can hope to organise our first group would be at the next Easter.

If you would like to know more about us, you are most welcome to email us via our website or ring us on 0203 773 5115 / 0780 737 5061.

On behalf of myself, my family and our pilgrims, I thank you for your help and support. We wish you compliments of the Season.

I remain yours,

Mo Lynn (Mr.)
St Peter's Pilgrimages

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