St Marcellin’s skills center for orphans

St Marcellin’s skills center for orphans

To build a skills center for the orphaned children of St Marcellin's so they can learn and be better equipped to succeed in adult life.

We did it!

On 11th Jan 2017 we successfully raised £790 with 25 supporters in 56 days

St Marcellin’s Children’s Village Trust in Harare, Zimbabwe aims to provide education, nutrition and healthcare for orphans and vulnerable children.  Zimbabwe has been through some terrible and tragic times and it is these children who are the casualties.  Many have been orphaned through no fault of their own ranging from poverty, family tragedy and AIDS. 

St Marcellin’s provides the children with a roof over their heads, food on the table and a basic education.  As with all self-funded orphanages, securing funds gets increasingly difficult by the year.  Norman and Sybil, the founders and trustees of St Marcellin’s, are determined to ensure that as the children grow into young adults they have as much help and support as possible in order to ensure that the orphans will leave with some means of survival and protection.  The need for a skills and education centre is imperative to safeguard this. 

The skills centre will enable further progression and training for the orphans to fulfil their potential. Already some of the girls are making some beautiful handmade tablemats, bedspreads and curtains.  Others have been arranging bake sales.  Some of the boys have special responsibilities with the running of the chickens and the fish at the orphanage, others are putting their hands to property maintenance.

 At current the skills centre needs to be built and furnished first.  The orphanage lacks the funds to build it.  The aim of this project is to get the funds in place to ensure this can happen and begin the process of making the children’s dreams come true through education and skills.

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