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To raise £30,000 share capital to ensure the successful launch of the St Mabyn Community Shop

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Your chance to own an important part of St Mabyn’s social history!

For sale by auction: the very first share certificate in the St Mabyn Community Shop.

St Mabyn Community Shop Ltd is a Community Benefit Society, registered with the Financial Conduct Authority.  It aims to open to the public on Monday 1st October 2018.


Your share certificate will have your name, expertly hand-written on high quality paper, and will be dated for 1st October 2018.  It will be presented in a smart wooden frame.

While each share certificate will be unique, certificate number 001 will be a lasting tribute to the fantastic community spirit which saw the parish of St Mabyn join together once it was known that the last shop in the village was to close.

Bidding will close at midnight on Friday 28th September 2018.  Bidders can remain anonymous if they prefer.

Subject to interest, other early-number share certificates might also be included in this auction.

Shareholders will be members of the society and entitled to vote at Annual General Meetings.  Each member can have only one vote, regardless of the value of their financial contribution.  A single share will cost £10.

If you have already expressed an interest in buying shares you do not need to take part in this Crowdfunding project - we will contact you.  Or you can renew - and upgrade - your pledge right now!

To bid for share certificate number 001, just email with details of your bid - and watch this Crowdfunding page for updates.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1,000 or more

Early number share certificate

100 shares in the St Mabyn Community Shop

£10 or more


A single share in the St Mabyn Community Shop brings membership of the community benefit society, and the right to vote at Annual General Meetings.

£100 or more


10 shares in the St Mabyn Community Shop

£500 or more


50 shares in the St Mabyn Community Shop

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