St Joseph's Fundraising


£500 target 12 days left
60% 24 supporters
Flexible funding – this project will receive all pledges made by 4th February 2021 at 12:57pm

To raise some much needed funds for St Joseph's to help us fund the projects and resources that we are planning for the next term.

by St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in London, England, United Kingdom

Would you like to see a member of staff come to school for a day dressed in their school uniform? You can all vote as many times as you like, but the adult with the most money attached to their name, will wear school uniform on the last day of term. Please select the £2 reward for the staff of your choice. Each vote is worth £2. If you would like to donate more than £2, please write the staff member's name in the comment box so that your money can be added to the votes. Thank you. Please make sure that you check how much money will be being paid on your card - e.g. you can reduce the tip to 5% and it would be £2.10 coming out of your account. Thank you for all of your support.

This year, our fundraising efforts for our school have been non-existent. The COVID restrictions have meant that we have been unable to hold the film nights or the Christmas fair that raised in excess of £600 for each event last year and enabled us to purchase books for the teaching of English for each year group. This year, we have had to spend far more on cleaning materials, keeping each bubble as safe as possible and purchasing additional resources and materials that were not budgeted for. In order to help us, help your children, we have thought of different fundraising opportunities that we can do safely. 

Thank you for your continued support.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£2 or more

Mr Fashugba (Year 6)

Vote for Mr Aji Fashugba

£2 or more

Ms Sue (Year 6)

Vote for Ms Sue Powell

£2 or more

Ms Nandaine (Year 5)

Vote for Ms Nandaine

£2 or more

Mr Trotman (Year 5)

Vote for Mr Trotman

£2 or more

Ms Valerie (Year 5)

Vote for Ms Valerie

£2 or more

Miss Ailish (Year 5)

Vote for Miss Ailish

£2 or more

Ms Stevens (Year 5)

Vote for Ms Vicky Stevens

£2 or more

Ms Dorothy (Year 4)

Vote for Ms Dorothy

£2 or more

Mrs Walker (Year 3)

Vote for Ms Walker

£2 or more

0 of 1 claimed

Ms Ann (Year 3)

Vote for Ms Ann

£2 or more

Mrs Acquah (Year 3)

Vote for Ms Acquah

£2 or more

Miss Clegg (Year 2)

Vote for Miss Clegg

£2 or more

Mrs Emeofa (Year 2)

Vote for Mrs Emeofa

£2 or more

Mrs Marku (Year 2)

Vote for Mrs Marku

£2 or more

Miss Ruby (Year 2)

Vote for Miss Ruby

£2 or more

Mrs Winchester (Year 1)

Vote for Mrs Winchester

£2 or more

Ms Eileen (Year 1)

Vote for Ms Eileen

£2 or more

Mrs Blyde (Reception and Deputy Head)

Vote for Mrs Blyde

£2 or more

Ms Moody (Reception)

Vote for Ms Denise Moody

£2 or more

Ms Elkins (Reception)

Vote for Ms Emma Elkins Popely

£2 or more

Miss Grace (Reception)

Vote for Miss Grace

£2 or more

Mrs Paczensky (School Business Manager)

Vote for Mrs Paczensky

£2 or more

Mrs Lia Cunnew (Admin)

Vote for Mrs Lia

£2 or more

Ms Jan (Premises)

Vote for Ms Jan Bannon

£2 or more

Miss Doherty (Headteacher)

Vote for Miss Doherty

£5 or more

£5 for 5 votes

If you would like to place five votes for one member of staff, you will see their number rising. Good luck!

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