St. Isaac's Preparatory School

Our goal is to reconnect the water supply for cooking, laundry and bathing. We would also like to fit showers for the first time.

We did it!

On 1st Jul 2017 we successfully raised £1,500 of £1,000 target with 21 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Any funds received over and above our original target of £1000 will be used to pay our teachers wages, buy school supplies such as paper and pencils, continue reovation on the volunteer house and improve bathing, cooking and toilet facilities on site.  As well as, go towards our savings fund for solar panels.

 Paul Kulabako runs the training centre and preparatory school at St. Isaac's.  He is supported by his Mother who cooks three meals a day for all pupils at the school, his brother, Christopher, who acts as pastor on Sunday, providing a place of spiritual guidance for the community and his younger siblings; Isaac, Rebecca, Kaudha and Chloe, who all help by picking fruits and tending to the animals and the crops which feed those who attend the centre.

Plants and seeds arrive for food provision.

Our chicks are starting to get bigger and will soon be providing eggs.


There is little doubt that the situation in their community would be far worse without the ongoing love and support offered by the Kulabako family.

Paul and Chris working on the land.

Teachers working on art projects with the children.

Myself and Paul making bricks to sell at market.

The Mums perform a welcome dance for visiting volunteers.

I have worked hand in hand with the family and other volunteers to improve their living standards, promote their efforts as an educational establishment and place of worship, as well as, funding them to grow more crops and buy more animals to provide food for the whole community.

The children enjoy some porridge at break time.


Paul is still a very young man but he has taken on an enormous task.  He is truly an inspiration.  He has such high hopes for all the children at the school and will not be deterred in his mission to do the best for his community.

Paul and his siblings, Chris, Rebecca, Isaac, Kaudha and Chloe.

Paul and Simon Bednar with the school pupils.  (Simon created our video.)

Paul with his family and friends with Kerri Williams-Moore (Kerri built our website).


My mission is to help him in any way I can.  And so, now I look to you.  Can you help this young man and his family fulfill their dreams to make a better life for every man, woman and child in their village?

A water well has recently been turned off at the St. Isaac's site.  Villagers are now forced to walk for miles to reach the nearest well.  They stand for hours in the blazing sunshine, queuing for water which they must then carry back to their homes.  Water for bathing, cooking for over 30 pupils a day and washing clothes, all must be carried from the village well now.

We are asking for enough funds to have the water supply reconnected on site and to put in showers which would be used by everyone.  Any money left over would buy much needed equipment for the school and go towards a fund to fit solar panels.  One day we hope to have electricity at the school.

Pauls dreams are indeed big... Will you dream with him?

We are very grateful to you for taking the time to consider our campaign.  We wish you love, peace and joy in all you do.

You can find out all about us by visiting our website @

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