St George's Academy - LED Upgrades

Project by Sarah Dakin
St George's Academy - LED Upgrades

We're raising funds for lighting upgrades in our sports halls. The halls are used for sports, student exams and community activities.

We did it!

On 20th Oct 2017 we successfully raised £80 with 3 supporters in 45 days

We are raising funds in order to upgrade the lighting in our two sports halls to LED lighting.


The sports halls are used by students during their PE lessons and are also used as exam halls for GCSE and A Level examinations.

We also open up our facilities to local clubs and have regular bookings by the badminton, cricket, 5-a-side football and tri-club.

So far, we have identified all of the areas within the academy that require lighting upgrades and ranked them in order of priority. We have secured funding through a Salix Energy Efficiency Loan to enable lighting upgrades to a number of high priority classrooms and this work has been carried out during the Summer holidays. We are now looking to improve the lighting in the sports halls. 

Undertaking this project, we will increase the lumen in the sports halls, improving visibility for students when taking exams and both students and clubs when participating in sporting activities. It will also bring about a reduction in the Academy electricity bills which will make increased funding available to invest in education and further improvements to facilities for students.

This project will be completed during the school holidays to avoid disruption to day to day educational activities; we will also need to consider any external bookings of the halls by community groups.

Improved satisfaction, of students and community groups using the sports halls, may lead to an increased number of clubs enquiring about or accessing the facilities.

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