St Eval Community Land Project

by St Eval Community Land Project in St. Eval, England, United Kingdom

St Eval Community Land Project


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The St Eval Community Land Project is all about creating a happy natural space for the whole community to enjoy whilst protecting wildlife.

by St Eval Community Land Project in St. Eval, England, United Kingdom

The St Eval Community Land Project was first imagined in 2018 by three optimistic, green-fingered villagers. The vision was to enhance community spirit by creating a beautiful space which could be enjoyed by the whole community.  

 Fast forward 2.5 years and 'The Land' has become a beloved part of village life, offering serenity and happiness to all. 1605609921_flowers_in_the_meadow.jpgThe meadow project connects people with wildlife, and with one another.

It is a huge asset to the village of St Eval, providing volunteer opportunities a-plenty and reinforcing the incredible community spirit in our village.

This beautiful green space now grows year on year (literally and metaphorically) as friends old and new come to share this magically wild haven, gently tending to it and helping it to flourish.

Its legacy will be in the hands of the people who help to create it.

The Story So Far...

Along with the swathes of wildflowers which now appear every summer, we have installed beautiful wooden arches at each entrance, a bug hotel, created educational signage, art installations, a handmade clay pizza oven, bought picnic benches, bought a strimmer and (the jewel in the crown), installed a mile long hard aggregate path around the entire perimeter to make the meadow accessible to all. 

Moving Forwards...

We will consult with volunteers and community groups to discuss ways of sustaining the meadow. 

To succeed, we need your help to move the project forwards so that it can fulfill its true potential. 


St Eval's Wildlife

The parish of St Eval is a richly diverse habitat for all manner of critters. By creating and maintaining this wild and natural space, we are supporting the fragile ecosystems upon which these species depend. 

From barn owls to bats, grass snakes to common lizards, brown hares, roe deer, rare butterflies, bumblebees, buzzards, yellowhammers, hedgehogs, foxes and many more... all of these wonderful creatures have been spotted right here in St Eval.


The Future is Bright

Whilst physical help, and hands that are willing to get muddy, are more important than ever, we also need financial help. We really hope that the community can really get behind this campaign.

Please enable us to continue creating your community meadow!

We feel that especially through these uncertain times, an outside community space is more important than ever.

However, many funding pots are running dry due to Covid-19, so we now need supporters like you to enable us to push this project forwards.  

The Future is in Your Hands...

We aim to continue bringing people together, boosting biodiversity and championing wildlife.


Some of our future plans include:  

  • Install a hard permanent surface on the path (Tarmac or concrete) to protect it from wear-and-tear and to ensure its longevity
  • An information/notice board to keep everyone informed about plans
  • A mud kitchen/den corner 
  • Planting a mini orchard and tree belt 
  • Planting a rambling wild rose avenue
  • Create a herb garden near the pizza oven
  • A giant planted art installation made of tyres to form a focal point
  • Bulb planting to provide colour in Spring
  • Install a tap to ensure we can keep future planted areas watered and fed
  • Acquire tools to enable volunteers to help us tend to the land 
  • A sensory area filled with scents and sounds
  • Willow domes to create story corners
  • More signage to educate and communicate
  • Annual cutting of the meadow, maintaining the land and tidying areas

The list goes on... the funds do not! So we need your help. 


Claire, Kelly, Nadine  xxx
St Eval Community Land Project


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£2 or more

£2 Pocket Money for Bulb/Handful of Flower Seed

A £2 donation will mean we plant a bulb or a handful of flower seed on your behalf!

£5 or more

£5 Hedge Sapling

A £5 reward means we will plant a hedge sapling on your behalf. You'll get a 'thank you' on our Facebook page.

£10 or more

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£10 Plant a Tree

A £10 pledge means we will plant a tree on your behalf. You'll get a big thank you on our Facebook (and eventual website).

£25 or more

£25 Bird Feeder/Hedgehog or Butterfly House

If you donate £25 we will put a hedgehog/butterfly/bird feeder in the meadow on your behalf. You'll receive a thank you on our social media (and eventual website)

£30 or more

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£30 Tools

£30 will help us to buy tools for the community to use. Your pledge will get you a "thank you" plaque on the horse box and a big social media thank you too.

£50 or more

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£50 Sponsor a Tree

£50 will mean that sponsor a tree and get a sign bearing your chosen name. You will also get a thank you on our social media and a thank you plaque on our notice board. A lovely gift for someone you love :)

£100 or more

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£100 Path Legend

£100 will mean you are a Path Legend and you will sponsor a section of our path by receiving a wooden sign bearing your chosen name alongside a 10metre stretch of the path.

£150 or more

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£150 Christmas Tree

£150 will mean you sponsor the St Eval Christmas Tree! You will receive a wooden snowman bearing your name alongside the tree (and a big warm feeling of goodwill all year long). You will also get a big thank you on our Facebook page (and eventual website).

£300 or more

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£300 Notice Board

Sponsor our noticeboard and your name/company name will appear on it as a big thank you from us. You will also get a tree of your choice planted in your honour with a sign bearing your name.

£1,000 or more

0 of 20 claimed

£1000 Path Hero

If you can donate £1000 you will be one of our Path Heroes and will be able to put your and your family handprints in the path when it is laid. You will also get a tree in your honour and a sign on the notice board declaring you a 'path hero'! Hoorah!

Let's make 'St Eval Community Land Project' happen

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