Satguru Sri Ramana Devi Empowering Women Project

To equip the poor adolescent girls and women with necessary skills in tailoring and saree painting to enable them to seek self employment .To supplement and accelerate the family income and improve their living standards .To make the women economically empowered and eliminate poverty

We did it!

On 24th Feb 2014 we successfully raised £1,595 of £1,400 target with 10 supporters in 49 days

We at Shiva Trust Charity 1148843 are driven by our love of Satguru Sri Ramana Devi,who was born here in the UK .Ramana had a profound experience at the age of 5 and has been helping people ever since .We are raising money for "Satguru Sri Ramana Devi Empowering Women Project" to support an organisation in India called R.O.P.E   (Rural Organisation for the Eradication of Poverty ) We have worked with them in the past raising £14,000 to build 60 compost toilets in villages with no toilet facility..Their founder Mr Reddy works tirelessly to help the worst treated in a dying caste system that in parts of India  is still very much alive. He works with the so called untouchable community or scheduled castes and tribes .

This project is in a village  called Ramapuram in Ramachandrpuram Mandal which is in  Chittor district ,Andrah Pradesh,India .It is aimed at getting poor women  (so called untouchable women) into work and allow them to live a more dignified life with our support .

It is well know fact that theses women have been neglected in many ways for many years and yet they constitute half of the population .Theses women are strong physically and intellectually but they are suppressed psychologically over a long period of time in this mainly patriarch society.In spite of the overall improvement in the living standards ,women continue to suffer the burden of poverty and illiteracy .In view of the prevailing social conditions ,most women still depend on men throughout  life .there is no social security for women .They are excluded in decision making and discriminated against .Even now women do not enjoy the same opportunities as men .Due to illiteracy and poverty,women have less earning opportunities and are easily exploited by landlords and money lenders.This is a big issue in this particular Community .In rural areas the employment opportunities especially for women are scanty.Imparting specific skills will make the rural women access to employment and income generation.

We intend to give training for 30 women to start with in the art of tailoring and saree painting .The women will come from 4 surrounding villages belonging to the oppressed communities who are classed as untouchables .This training will go on for 9 months in duration .A qualified female instructor  will be appointed to give training to the proposed trainees and raw material will be supplied to the trainees during this period .The local community centre will provide a space  for running the proposed tailoring training centre .

Some of the money will be use to buy three sewing machines, buy raw materials ,cloth,needles cotton etc and to pay for an instructress in tailoring .

We need your pledges to help 30 women have training for 9 months .This works out at £45 per person that will change their life forever

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