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I am raising money for sruk as this charity is close to my heart. My cousin suffers with this and once you have it, there is no cure.

by Sergio Visconti in Cannington, England, United Kingdom

This is from my cousin

So what is Scleroderma? Never heard of it? You’re not alone! I only became aware of Scleroderma when my cousin, Mandy, was diagnosed with this terrible condition. Scleroderma is a rare, chronic and debilitating auto-immune disease that is multi-complex and involves the over production of collagen resulting in the laying down of scar tissue and blood vessel damage. 

It causes skin to thicken, joint immobility, reduces circulation to fingers and toes resulting in ulceration and infrequent amputation (Raynaud’s disease), weakens muscles, damages major internal organs such as the lungs (e.g. pulmonary fibrosis), heart disease (e.g. rhythm problems), kidneys (e.g. renal crisis) and gastrointestinal complications. 

It’s also a progressive disease which means things get worse over time. At present there is no known cure for Scleroderma and it can be fatal. Better use of drugs for specific problems have helped improve quality of life and survival. And chemotherapy and various other similar drugs are sometimes used to stabilise the disease. 

x12,000 individuals have been diagnosed in the UK, and the onset is most common between the ages of 25 to 55, but any age group can be affected. It is a complicated condition and the exact causes are still unknown. All your valued contributions will go towards funding crucial research and treatment of this disease, directed through the charity, Scleroderma & Raynaud’s UK (SRUK). 

This disease has severely effected my cousin’s life. Please donate to help find a cure, and thank you for supporting my challenge.

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