Sri Lankan Pepper the street dog.

by Anna Mungles Davies in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

Sri Lankan Pepper the street dog.


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To raise money to cover all the care needed for Pepper at the Sri Lankan Charity Dog Care Clinic e.v currently around the £500 mark x

by Anna Mungles Davies in Newquay, England, United Kingdom

I was heading out for dinner one evening in Hikkaduwa when I noticed Pepper curled tight and hidden in a dark corner on a concrete floor. On looking closer she had no hair from her neck down, her spine, hips and ribs were sticking right out, her nails were 2 inches long and she had the look of a dog that had given up. 

I started speaking to the man who owned the shop next to where she was curled up. He said she turned up every night around 8pm for food. He didn't see her at any other time of day. 

My head was buzzing, how could i help, what could I do, where was the nearest vets, what treatment did she need. 

While sitting with her in the evenings people would look at me like i was strange. or if I sat back for a while people would look at her and then carry on with what they were doing. I couldn't!

So whilst on my 2 week holiday i drove my friends mad, "i can't leave her" 'she needs help" "what can I do" etc etc. I have been to a charity close by before but I knew they were at breaking point and I managed to find the Dog Care Clinic e.v who said they would look at her but I had to be to them by 9pm. 

The next evening i took my saved sausages from breakfast and went waiting, and waiting... Pepper didn't turn up until 8.15pm.  We then had to catch her, find a tuk tuk driver who would take us and get going. Turning up late, i then had to call the vet out.... Im not sure how impressed he was.... 

She is a super friendly dog.... 

I left her at the sanctuary that evening, it was like dropping my own dog off! I broke my heart.

Pepper is now receiving care for her malnutrition, fungal infection, woulds etc. Once she is well enough she will be spayed and vaccinated & then VERY SADLY put back on the street. 

Can you help with her costs to date? 

Would you help to cover costs to try and get her fostered?

Every little bit helps in these harsh environments..

I thank you all for taking the time to read this....

With love as always


Let's make 'Sri Lankan Pepper the street dog.' happen