Sri Lankan Hearing Aids Deaf Charity

Sri Lankan Hearing Aids Deaf Charity

Help me raise to donate hearing aids to Sri Lanka! (Sri Lankan law does not allow deaf people to drive without hearing aids)

We did it!

On 12th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £100 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Hello! Today I want to make miracle things happen. In Sri Lanka, deaf people cannot afford a pair of hearing aids where as in the UK gets one for free. The price of two hearing aids in Sri Lanka is approximately £300-£600. This proves far too expensive for the low-income families to buy this. With the hearing aids being donated, this is much better than paying £300-£600. So, I want to raise the fund to buy lots and lots of hearing aids in the UK which costs at least £400 each pair, this includes ear mould fitting, programming, tubing and batteries. Did you know Sri Lankan law does not allow deaf people to drive without hearing aids? This is another reason I want to help these impaired people.

Please please share this and help me raise £10,000 or more, this will allow me to donate around 25 hearing aids or more if the funds is climbing!

Small donations are appreciated! Better than nothing! I am 17 years old deaf students with a cochlear implant on left side ear so this is why I want to raise awareness and help these deaf people who are unable to see the real world. I will be visiting to Sri Lanka and give out the hearing aids including making a video after reaching the goals. (Sorry for my bad English grammar, my first language is BSL) Thank you! <3

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