Please help get Spritely World animated (^-^)

Help fund the animated series of 'Spritely World.' It is a mix between Captain Planet, Dragon Ball, Adventure Time and the clangers. (^-^)

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Spritely World is a whimsical story with lots of animals and magic.   It is a mix between Adventure time, Captain Planet, the Clangers, Button Moon, The Magic Roundabout and Dragon Ball.  We need to pay the animator to bring it to life!  Any help is much appreciated, with juicy rewards to show my gratitude.

The plot - ''Spritely beings have come to the planet to protect it from Voodoo Mantis and Royal Trumpington's dasterdly plans to stop natural spritely powers from working, whilst they plan to control the 'rogue moon dust' that gives artificial energy.  A jive beat ensues.''

It is a story and audio book so far.  (TBA)  I have a REALLY good animator who is interested in the story, but it is his job, and we want it to be a solid piece of art.  I have also found somebody who wants to make it into a video game like Zelda, with lots of quests and stuff. 

This project is all about getting the animation started, so that this highly anticipated story can be enjoyed by us all.  You can email me for more details here -

The gifts associated with these pledges are -

Spritely's way - A social commentary on a wide variety of different subjects that is designed to give a well rounded view of the world, and offers an interesting spin on this illusion that we call reality.

Spritely World - The magical tale we are trying to get animated.

A day in the life of Celery Jones - A diary of a young boy who quite simply has experienced quite a lot of random stuff. (no affiliation with the author)

The animation of Spritely world episode 1 - Fox tales

The original hand drawn map of Spritely World (signed)

A hand drawn map of spritely world (signed)

10 free Bear Feet songs in high quality

The original drawing of one of the characters in Spritely World (TBA)