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My project objective is to give thousand of food lovers across the globe the opportunity to learn how to cook specialists from islands such as: Mauritius, Cap Verde, Madagascar, Guadeloupe Martinique, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Grenada, Dominican Republic and more. All these islands have amazing food, use gorgeous ingredients and I have hundreds of recipes ready to be filmed and be shared with food lovers. All I need is the right equipment to provide the ultimate teaching experience.

We did it!

On 29th Aug 2013 we successfully raised £1,015 of £990 target with 26 supporters in 28 days



Carib Gourmet was my dream. Making people discover what tropical culture and identity is via food!

Two years ago my dream became a reality!  I’ve been spreading my love for Creole food in London by teaching hundreds of people how to cooking Creole food. My students were foodies in search for a bit of pizazz in the kitchen, others were bored of eating the same old take away or some travelled to the Caribbean discovered food there and wanted to recreate the same thing at home. They all came through my kitchen and learned how to cook delicious exotic meals.

My classes have been featured in Conde Nast Traveller among other magazines and received a WOW Award.

I inherited my love for food, mixing things up in the kitchen and learning about heritage through gastronomy from my dad who literally taught me everything. When he passed away, I endeavoured to maintain his legacy beyond the Creole Caribbean food I grew up.

Throughout last year I have received emails from people in the US, Australia, Germany asking me to tutor them and wishing they were there at my cooking classes in London. I’ve tutored a few via skype but although it was an amazing experience my students could not replay the videos so if they wanted to recreate it, it was proving difficult.

Vanessa Bolosier - Carib Gourmet


I decided that a website where I’d literally post hundreds of cooking videos with recipes from the islands would be ideal.  Food lovers will have an account where they can stream the videos online, choose which type of food they want to cook. I’ll also be offering a few live cooking classes.

The website will be filled with hundreds of videos: from basic cooking skills like chopping an onion or cleaning a fish to making a Creole Cassoulet (my own creation), Keshi Yena from Aruba, Rougail saucisse from Reunion Islands, Romazava from Madagascar or Cachupa from Cap Verde.


Filming the cookery videos is the most crucial element. Being able to showcase the ingredients, the different steps of preparation and do close-ups to show the different techniques is very important. The ability for the students to also replay the videos so that they can make the recipes at home, pause the video etc. is also crucial. I need the correct equipment to provide the clarity of image but also the right technology to allow the students to replay the videos. I have found someone to create the website but don’t have the necessary funds to purchase the top quality equipment needed for the filming.

It would be an absolute dream for me to get these videos out there to hundreds of people who don’t settle for what they know and want to enrich their cooking repertoire! I really hope if I succeed in my fundraising effort, you will be able to experience the launch of this project, which I think will revolutionise the food industry worldwide.

There are some great rewards that will give you a taste of what’s to come.

The website is not live therefore you can get in touch with me if you have any question on info@carib-gourmet.com. You can also keep up with the progress on our Facebook and Twitter (see links below).

Thanks for reading my story and spread the word!@carib_gourmetwww.facebook.com/carib.gourmet

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