Spotted Bargains - Social Network for Bargains

Spotted Bargains - Social Network for Bargains

We are raising funds to expand Spotted Bargains via advertising and SEO. We have JUST launched a Social Network for Bargain Hunters

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We work with highstreet retailers to promote their discounted products to our "Bargain Hunters".

However now we have launched our own Social Media Network where Bargain Hunters world wide can join, invite friends and share bargains.

We want to expand unfortunatly that has been restricted due to the amount of funds we have been able to push through Spotted Bargains.

With your pledge we will be able to create more social media adverts and expand Spotted Bargains.

So why back Spotted Bargains?

We have JUST launched a "Social Network" for people for "Bargain Hunters".

We are looking to make this the Best & Biggest Social Media website in the world for Coupons, Bargains & Discounts.

Risks and challenges

As the site grows we will have Upgrade days. These will be pre announced on our website.

During high server compacity this may cause the website to run a little slower.

Apart from the above, The project will expand with your pledge.