Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy

Sports &  Remedial Massage Therapy

Maintaining the quality of the soft tissue plays a vital part in optimising performance and reducing the likelihood of injury.

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I am a young, keen, enthusiatic sports and remedial massage therapist. I am about to qualify as a BETC Level 5 therapist and am now starting to look towards my future business. Whilst studying I also gained experienace in the sporting industry working for rugby and rowing clubs. I have also volunteered at marathons and with the NFL. Athough mainly sports based I also treat various parents, office workers, runners, rock climbers, riders, musicians, artists, photographers, figure skaters… you get the picture… I treat any body and every body because everyone shares a common factor – we all have bodies which are susceptible to injury and stress. I believe that we all could benefit from some type of massage.

I need your help so that I can set up and run my own clinic. For this I need some things that are costly especially when they add up.

Things that I would like to have in my clinic:
a hydrolic bed

couch rolls

towels, pillows, couch cover & electric blanket

kinesiology tape

foam rollers & balls



massage oils, creams, lotions, gels & balms


Filing cabinet

First Aid Kit

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