Sports and activities for all ages to keep fit

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Project by Zabi Burdabar

Sports and activities for all ages to keep fit

Sports and activities for all ages to keep fit

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Project by Zabi Burdabar

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

The aim of the project is to encourage our children to keep fit, stay away form crimes and drugs, socialise and enjoy each other's accompany

Afghan Community Association Cycling Project (ACASP) has been established  about a year ago, after the easing of 2nd Covid-19 lock down. This is purely to encourage the community to keep fit physically and mentally, as self-isolation and a prolong lock down has affected everybody's health. Majority of the children and some  parent have been addicted on playing games, watching films on Netflix and even put big weigh which lead them to obesity during the Covid-19 Lockdown. Some ACA community members  were very concern and didn't know how to help themselves.

When their concerns were brought up to ACA's management attention, The management had to come up with  an idea to  provide them with a fitness activity  to respect the social distance but  at the same time to safe them form social isolation, to enjoy each other's accompany, have fun, keep them fit, get them out of the house and away form crime, addictions and drugs. 

After a lot of researches, explorations and discussions with some community members. ACA management came up with Cycling Project idea This project is for all ages and genders. ACA management contacted the parents of the children and discussed the project and its aim informally, which was welcomed. Due to the Health and Safety, parents were advised that, should their children wish to take part in Cycling Project at lease one of their parent should accompany them if they are under the age of 18.  Within a month around 6  member with fairly fully cycling gears got prepared and registered on ACASP WhatsApp Group this  gradually increased to 12 members for the last one year. 

The ACASP has been running for the last one year now and it starts around Derwent Valley on Sundays form 10:30am till 13:30pm and do a  full trail which is about 15 miles. All member meet in a designated point where they start cycling from and bring their own snacks and half way through they can have a 15-20 minutes break for a short picnic and socialise with each other. They enjoy it very much and can't wait for Sundays which is quite positive. 

ACA has been training them, how to cycle safely, and encourage them to cycle to work, school, and shopping in order to keep fit, avoid more pollutions and traffic congestion.

Unfortunately some of the member couldn't carry on as regularly as they used to due to financial difficulty, on keep maintaining their bikes and  purchasing sport kits for themselves and their children.

ACA understands their issues totally, we are a voluntary organisation with very limited  resources. We can only manage and administer the project on voluntary basis to ensure it runs as smoothly as possible.

ACA has worked extremely hard to make this happen successfully, and it will be a shame if we are not going to be able to carry on.

ACA need to support them financially to purchase some used mountain bikes, sport kits and pay 2 part time staff to administer the project.

ACA hopes to receive some funding to further support this project and attract more member to join. 

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