sport for all uk

sport for all uk

To give under privileged children the chance to play sport free of charge due to family problems, illness, abuse, disability

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

We wish to be able to do sports education programs within Hampshire / Dorset for vunrable youngsters who are unable to get to do sport on a regular basis due to being one parent families, Parents unable to take them due to illness, and many other factors.

The Project is go to area`s that have Youth clubs that purley survive on donations or they are funded by charitable organisations that provide a membership for free . We just done a project in Eling Southampton which we provided a easter camp as our community awarenes with some of our students as a work expereience as a pilot and the kids loved it and it inspired us that we want to do more in Hampshire and Dorset. Some of these kids have been bullied at school and don`t want to be part of school life . or they have a sick parent and they become their carer, or they have had experience of drug / alchol abuse ,  but they still have inspirations to learn in a different inviroment

But we want to give every child a chance to get into sport without any barriers as well as a education , we wish to launch our Sports education program for 14s - 18s which will be on a 12/24 week program , each 12 week program will cost approx £2400 and a 24 week program will cost £4000 for a group of 8=10 young budding sports children. We would like to run 2/3 per year .The Exit route for these children is to gain experience as sports coaches and sense of acheivment by gaining sports qualifications to gain employment etc when they leave school etc.