Sponsored Labour Party Membership

Sponsored Labour Party Membership

Provide a voice for Labour Party activists and supporters that are too poor to pay membership fees.

We did it!

On 17th Mar 2016 we successfully raised £603 of £500 target with 42 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

We are now overfunding, which means we reached enough to get the project started but not enough to make sure it has a real lasting impact.  We want to make a real difference to the way the Labour Party treats those on low income or means-tested benefits.  If we can get to the full thousand we will be in a position to extend the scheme by building a website as a platform for further fundraising and generating income.

We know that everyone is suffering under this present government and that asking for more seems a further burden, but without the support of those who are lucky enough to be well off we cannot make the changes we all desire.  Supporting sick, disabled and unemployed members to give more time to the Labour Party should mean we get our message out to more people and win more votes.  Things will always be hard, however, you can make that difference by donating as much as you can whether that is only two or three pounds or whether it is hundreds.

Thank you all for your support.

 IMPORTANT UPDATE - We hit our first target and now we need to make sure that the Labour Activists Benevolent Fund can provide more support for more individuals as we campaign to ensure that volunteering for the Party can be used as payment for membership fees.  Until that time we will support the financially excluded to keep their voice in the Labour Party only if we continue to raise funds.  So we need more, as much as we can get to start a website and other fundraising ideas to enable a voice for the financially disposed.

The T-shirts offered as a reward can now be purchased seperately via https://fabrily.com/LabourActivistsBenevolentFund and please do order one or encourage friends to do likewise.  The more we raise the more people we can help to raise their voice within the Party.


Jeremy Corbyn believes in creating a Britain that is fair for all, whether rich or poor.  I believe in creating a Labour Party that represents all types of people and so I am fundraising to be able to sponsor Labour Party membership for those on welfare or low incomes that can sign up to do 2 hours a month volunteering with their local party.  I believe that we should allow those who give their time to the Party to have a voice in the Party and not just those who give their money.


As a democratic socialist party I believe that we should respect those who give their time and effort as much as those who give funds to deliver a fairer government for Britain.  This is why I want to raise money so we can pay the membership fees of those who do so much for the Party, but are excluded because they are struggling under Tory austerity.  It cannot be right that those who are struggling financially should be excluded from having their input because they can only offer labour to the Labour Party and not money.


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