Sponsor Youth Project in Burundi

by Ives Kabayabaya in London, England, United Kingdom


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Our aim is to help those who are less privileged and have less access to education. We are strong believer in equal opportunities.

by Ives Kabayabaya in London, England, United Kingdom

In our mission of aiding the development of education in Africa, WBTA is running a fundraising campaign for a local charity based in Burundi. The local charity is called “Association des Amis de la Paix du Sport” (AAPS). AAPS is a Non-Profit Organisation that bring and teach over thousands young people how-to live-in peace through their sports activities.

Working for the Welcome Back to Africa "WBTA" has ignited our passion to work for less privileged young people to have access to education. I have enjoyed my role in helping the charity grow and establish itself. I truly believe in the cause and know that as we grow in numbers so does our potential to help those who are less privileged and have less access to education. We are a team of strong believer in equal opportunities, as no matter who you are or where you come from, everyone deserves the opportunity to better themselves. That's why WBTA aims to give those in need the opportunity to improve their lives by giving them access to education and the inspiration to strive for more. We have found our involvement in the WBTA to be very rewarding and hope you will continue to sponsor us in our fight to give equal opportunities to all. 

In July 2017, we had an opportunity to donate educational materials to over hundred less fortunate children in Gitega in partnership with a local charity called "Smile for Children". In 2018, we hosted a friendly match and donated sports equipment. This year, we are helping young people to raise £1,500 for a cattle farm project. The farm project will create jobs as it comes with the aim of solving the problems of poverty, malnutrition and unemployment in Burundi. So, the funding will go towards the construction of the farm, food for the cattle, fish, pigs and provide work to more young people. They will have a chance to learn a lot in terms of managing the project as they will have expert in farming to teach them. Furthermore, the money raised through this project will help us to organise more sport activities that will bring young people together across the country.



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