Sponsor online t-shirt store w/45% profit to STC.

Sponsor online t-shirt store w/45% profit to STC.

Weʼre raising £200 to sponsor a t-shirt online store in support of Save The Children Charity for Syrian Crisis Appeal.

We did it!

On 30th Oct 2016 we successfully raised £200 of £200 target with 10 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Woah, I wasn't expecting this much support.

Thank you so much to everyone who have donated. I have stretch the target to £100 more and with this fund I can use it to further advertise the the store, add more stocks for the launch and also donate the rest of money to the charity and also provide them with 50 free essential supplies such as long lasting snacks, water containers and mini first aid kits.

I hope you all have a great day!

UPDATE: We are now a non-profit project.

Firstly thank you for visiting my page. Please watch the video of the boy Omram if you haven't seen before to give you an insight of what it's like within a conflict zone. I apologise in advance if you find the video disturbing:

I am starting a small online t-shirt store to raise money for Save The Children: Syria Crisis Appeal Charity.

I sometimes have taken for granted of the things I have, and how lucky I am to be in this country. Being born in Bangkok, Thailand and raised in a rural farm village called Ban Kamin in the North-East, I didn't have much literacy skill or any opportunities like I do now. Although it was a struggle when I was younger, there are children facing far worse situations than I was and I believe that everyone should get the same opportunities, education and most importantly, food, medicine and safety from conflicts which they were unfortunately born into.

This is where Save The Children Charity came into my mind. For every designed t-shirt I sell, 70% will go towards the charity, and 30% will go towards re-stocking and expanding the shop. The 70% donation will help provide food, water system repairs,  accomodation for affected children & more. For more information visit url: goo.gl/ktVJh9 (note: this isn't just for children in Syria, but also children in countries like Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt.)

Funds will go towards...

I need your help to raise £200 to start the project. The funds will go towards:

  • Unisex t-shirts
  • Water-based Inks
  • Silkscreens
  • Advertisement
  • Website costs

Why don't you just do a one time donation fundraise?
One time donation is an amazing way to support any charity but I personally believe that a consistent flow of funds is better. With consistent flow we can gather more funds overall overtime. I think this project is a great way for everyone to get involved and get something in return. Think about it, if you donate to start this project, you are the kickstarters of a commerce that will consistently provide funds for charity.

Updated Information

With help from one of my great teachers, we've managed to shift the percentage of income to charity up by 25% which now means we can now be a non-profit project with an updated 70% to charity.

 70% For Charity

For every t-shirt sold 70% or a minimum of 65% will be automatically transferred into a savings account (minimum of 65% for preparation of worst case scenario and could lead the ecommerce to negative income.) We are without failure to donate to Save The Children Charity on a three time annual basis. This mean we can donate to the charity every 4 months starting from December 2016/January2017.

The 30% Leftover 

The 30% will go to restock the store by buying required t-shirts and printscreening supplies. This mean we have had to rework some parts of the ecommerce. For one, designed t-shirts would cost and estimated £10 + delivery (+£1-2) and will be order and printed on demand. This means we don't need to stock any shirts until required and allow us to keep the ecommerce running without dropping to negative income from the crowdfund.

Quality of T-shirts

All t-shirts will be printscreened with water-based ink. The type of ink is used because it's non-toxic and non-flammable and is also the highest quality. We have 3 designers which are currently working on their first artwork for the t-shirts, we'll update you on the update tab when the designs are complete to give you insight of the first phase. We'll be stocking and printing on demand 3 type of designed unisex t-shirts with availibility of sizes from S,M,L & XL. All t-shirts are quality tested, printed by us and washed before dispatching.

Dispatch and Delivery

With our order and print on demand basis, you should receive your ordered item within 5 days. From the moment you order, we'll be ordering the t-shirt from our supplier and screenprinted on the second day. We should dispatch your order on the third day for you to receive your item either on the forth or the fifth. Although we'll try to dispatch your order as quickly as possible, sometimes we might have high demands of t-shirts which could be very difficult to fulfill within 5 days. But we are prepared and plan to set up a weekly dispatch basis where we print and dispatch all ordered items at the end of each week. So any orders on the weekdays will be dispatched on the Sunday on that week. Saturday orders will join the following week's dispatch.

If you have any queries, you can contact me on Facebook or email me at support@nirutt.com

I'll keep updating this site and also the facebook page when it's created to keep you in touch every step of the way.

Any donations whatever the amount is highly valued, thank you for reading and for donating. Have a great day.


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