Sponsor My Book on How I beat Cancer Twice

by Sami Lennox in London, England, United Kingdom

Sponsor My Book on How I beat Cancer Twice
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Help me publish a book on how I beat cancer twice in a minimum time to inspire other people achieve the same!

by Sami Lennox in London, England, United Kingdom

Dear Friends,

I am Sami Lennox. I beat brain cancer twice both times within six months. I had a malignant Stage 3 brain tumour in my right frontal lobe cerebral area. Due to the many surgeries, almost 1/4 of my brain mass has been removed! Yet, I remain my pre-cancer self NOT allowing it to take my life away.

I want to tell my story and help millions of people with practical advice, words of wisdom, encouragement and support! My motto is that: " If cancer didn't kill you - don't let it take your life away!"

When I was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour grade 3, with the massive size of 7 cm in radius, in 2008 and was given 4 months to live, I fired my doctor and demanded from the hospital someone more supportive and humane. I did not let anyone affect me with their fear, negativity or doubt. I was determined to beat it and stayed extremely positive throughout the life-threatening surgery and 3-months long radio therapy. I still had so much to see, to do and to give! I had decided that I was not going anywhere (from here)! Unsurprisingly, I recovered fully within only six months!

After cancer, my life became so much clearer to me and I some time after that I decided to go back to the country where my parents lived. I realized that family was the most important thing is life. 6 years later, the same cancer had found its way back to my head. This time I insisted on a bigger surgery, to avoid chemotherapy. The doctors had to operate twice, and the procedures almost killed me. I hovered between life and death for a week as most of my vital organs were on general strike. However as soon as I started to get better, I shook it off me again and was fit again within only 6 months!!

I remain cancer free and live a life that is highly cancer proof. I am a language expert in my region, happily married, working from home. I do only what I love. In the future, I would love to become an international writer and a public speaker to motivate, inspire and save as many people as possible.

I want to tell my story and help millions of people with practical advice, words of wisdom, encouragement and support! 

I want to teach people to take courage when they are faced with anything related to cancer! The fear of it, going through it and surviving it! As Winston Churchill said: " If you are going through hell, keep going!" Cancer is the hell for millions of people who are going through it and/or those whose loved ones are going through the hell of it.

This terrible disease is a worldwide problem affecting all of us in all corners of the world. I am sure to be able to help people in prevention from it, coping with it and living with/after beating it.

During this past year, several people have come to me and advised me on how to make my book available to wider, global audiences and help even more people.

This is ideal but expensive, and I would need £5000 for publishing and marketing my book.

My book is written in English, but I will be translating it personally in 5 world languages (German, Italian, French, Croatian and Russian). This implies saving costs and reaching wider audiences with the possibilities of personally marketing my book in these foreign languages. Blogs, articles and videos in foreign languages are set to increase the rate of success of my book. I am guaranteed to make it a worldwide success with the above-mentioned investment sum.

Any person or a company donating more than £500 will have the option to be listed in my book as a sponsor.

Hence, I am applying this way for funding and donation of any kind.

All medical, financial or other documents are available upon request.

Thank you and please be generous!

Kind regards

Sami Lennox MA, MBA, PhD

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