Give £10 to fund a toilet in Karenni State, Burma

by Karenni Student Development Prog in Laceby, England, United Kingdom


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To eliminate health and safety issues for the poorest Karenni people of Burma by providing 1,000 toilets.

by Karenni Student Development Prog in Laceby, England, United Kingdom


This special appeal has been launched by the Karenni Student Development Programme (KSDP).  We are approved & monitored by the UK Charity Commission - registration no: 1108288.   


KSDP was founded in 1999 by Stephanie Lee, at the age of 19 years. Tragically, two years later, she was killed in a road accident close to the Karenni refugee camp on the Thai/Burma border and is buried in the camp. Her parents, Beryl & Steve Lee now run KSDP in her memory, visiting their projects in Burma and in the refugee camp in Thailand every year to monitor and encourage the Karenni.  No charity funds are used for these visits, and 100% of your donation will go to the front line.  

The Karenni people of Burma / Myanmar are amongst the poorest people in the world, having had to endure over 60 years of civil war. Most Karenni are subsistence farmers, having no income to spend on anything other than food. Many families have no toilet, making use of the surrounding jungle for this basic need. This project to build 1,000 toilets for 1,000 families had been initiated by Moebu, the Deputy Director of the Karenni Mobile Health Service, (see below) and the leader of KSDP's medical projects in Karenni, Burma.  She lost her promised funding mid-project as a result of large international organisation bureaucracy. 

Karenni families had already started to prepare their toilet huts and dig the holes, and the toilet pans and equipment had been ordered, leaving everyone high and dry. Moebu now needs to find £10,000 immediately to fund the purchase of the toilet pans etc and the KSDP charity have pledged to support her, but since all of their current funds are committed to their other ongoing projects, they are seeking additional funds to implement this project.  It costs just £10 to provide a toilet for a Karenni family. Please sponsor a toilet or two and help to bring dignity and safety to these desperate people. It is especially important to help women and children who suffer the most indignity and danger by having no privacy for this basic need of life. 

There is no Burmese government funding for this project and so the Karenni Mobile Health Service, which is a volunteer organisation run by the Karenni people themselves with support from aid organisations are promoting and implementing toilet installation. They have teams in place to buy the toilet pans and other items like door hinges etc and then deliver them to the remote villages. They just urgently need the money to buy everything. Householders will then install the toilets, at no cost, meaning that 100% of your donation will go directly to the 'front line', or should that be 'the bottom line'!

Please support us to Help the Karenni Help Themselves.

Let's make 'Give £10 to fund a toilet in Karenni State, Burma' happen