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Millions of dogs and cats roam the streets worldwide. Their situations vary across cultures from just receiving food scraps, to being family

by Alsager Animals In Need in Talke Pits, England, United Kingdom

Facts about dog and cat welfare:

Many street dogs and cats suffer from starvation, dehydration, exposure to the elements, injury and disease.

Culls are not the solution; humane and effective sterilization, vaccination and community engagement programs are the long-term solution.

Increase in population of free-roaming animals is both an animal welfare and public health and safety issue.

Governments and communities often lack the knowledge or resources to deal humanely with street animals; many still resort to poisoning, electrocution, and shooting.

The World Health Organization states, “There is no evidence that removal of dogs alone has ever had a significant impact on dog population densities or the spread of rabies.”

Humane solutions include mass sterilization, vaccination, community engagement and education, legislation and adoption programs.

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