Spoiled Brat - Online Boutique

Spoiled Brat - Online Boutique

Im looking to raise funds, enabling me to take this business to the USA. I need funds to invest in PR, SEO and Marketing.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Spoiled Brat is an online boutique. The website was launched in 2004, as a hobby more than anything. It has grown to be a successful online ecommerce store, which sells to customers all over the world. Its a family run company and we are trying to compete in the world of online retail (which has become so saturated these days) against massive corporate companies. The website, sells brands which are slightly different to the mainstream stores - we aim to offer customers easy access to unique brands like Wildfox, Ragged Priest, Skinnydip, Lauren Moshi and many more. We are constaly striving to keep our prices low and offer our customers incentives and discounts. 

We have had no investment, no bank loans - nothing and we are now in the position where we wish to take the company to the USA. In order to do this, we need to raise funds to invest in things like PR, SEO, Google and Marketing - all of which costs A LOT of money. The website has a lot of potential, however cash flow / funds are a major hurdle for us (and for most small businesses) - which is why we are trying crowdfunder. Enabling us to raise some funds, will give us the best opportunity to invest in our businesses future. 

Any amount would be appreciated, to help us build our business. As a reward we are giving any investors, a 20% discount voucher for life.