Splitter HQ - Intelligent marketing

Splitter HQ - Intelligent marketing

Splitter HQ is a platform which allows businesses to create Short URLs and QR codes which can later be used for Advanced targeting..

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On 5th Dec 2016 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporter in 56 days

Splitter HQ is a platform which allows businesses to create Short URLs and QR codes which can later be used for Advanced targeting. Splitter HQ makes marketing more efficient via easy to use link targeting.  

Splitter HQ was set up to solve the issue of messy marketing. Mobile apps were having to have several different URLs for different platforms, we stepped in and solved it by making 1 URL split to the different platofrms- Keeping the mess behind closed doors.

 Contextual based targeting made easy

Splitter makes targeted marketing easy by automatically detecting, analyzing and enriching user data, without any end-user interaction. Users can be targeted based on time, location, device type and platform. Through our easy-to-use cloud service you can setup intelligent links and start targeting users within minutes.

 Increase Conversions & Improve Your Multi-channel Communication

Get a higher ROI and increase conversion rates, by presenting more relevant content and shortening your sales funnel. Get important insights through detailed analytics and manage links across multiple platforms and channels.

No Technical knwoeldge required and no need to wait for slow IT departments

With Splitter, you can generate simple and smart links for websites & newsletter, short URLs for social media and QR codes for print and offline advertisements. No technical integration or specialised IT knowledge required - just sign-up and get started.

With Splitter HQ, we currently offer thew following services:

Generate Clean Short URLs & QR Codes

With Splitter you get nice looking simple QR codes and customizable short URLs for your marketing needs. Easily edit destination URLs and keep using the same short URL & QR code in your marketing material.

Unlock the value of true location based marketing with ease! Increase conversion rates and optimize the user experience.

A City Split redirects the user based on what region or city they are in. This allows you to show different content to users based on where they are using one QR code or short URL - perfect marketing location related businesses or products both online and offline.

You define what regions and/or cities to target and where you want users located there to be redirected. Also define a default destination for everyone outside of the defined countries, regions or cities.

Show different destinations if your users is on a PC, Tablet, Mobile or Smart TV.

Using a single link, short URL or QR code you can target users without worring about what type of device they are using and still show them the version of you website or marketing destination that suits them best.

The Platform Split works independently of what system your website or marketing campaign runs on - requiring no technical knowledge or integration.

We want to extend our services. We want to create designer QR codes. These come in different patterns anddifferent colours. We also want to implement Social Media platform integration. This will allow businesses to monmitor social media accounts directly through Splitter HQ.

As you can see from our website, we have some pretty big customers and want to build ont hat, these upgrades are vital to move Splitter HQ forward.

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